Steve Kraske

In 2002, KCUR management conceived of a new daily public affairs/news talk show. They hired newspaper political correspondent Steve Kraske to host the program and a KCUR staffer, Stephen Steigman, to produce it.


Today guest host Brian Ellison talks with the man he's sitting in for, Steve Kraske

Last week, the Kansas legislature adjourned after a tumultuous year.  Lawmakers passed Gov. Sam Brownback's dramatic tax cut plan, which could reduce the state budget by more than $2 billion over the next five years. 

Over the years, plenty have poked fun at the calming nature of public radio (the "Delicious Dish," anyone?)  But no producer thinks it's good when their host lulls listeners to sleep.  Unless, that is, that listener is a crying 8-month-old baby suffering from great discomfort - like teething.

In the final portion of Wednesday's Up to Date, hear the story of Hamza Husein, whose infancy is a bit more manageable due to the sultry and soothing sounds of Steve Kraske.

(No, we're not kidding.)

Favorite Love Songs: "And I Love Her" by the Beatles

Feb 13, 2012

Continuing our series on love songs... Up to Date's Steve Kraske takes us back to a Beatles classic.

He barely needs time to consider the question.

"This is an easy one for me, it's 'And I Love Her,' by the Beatles," he says. "I don't have any special sort of memory attached to it, I've just always loved this song."

The question was, 'what's your favorite love song?'

Why? That answer comes easily as well.