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1:13 pm
Wed October 30, 2013

Are Raising Sales Taxes A Solution For Everything?

Arizonans pay some of the highest sales taxes in the country.
Credit KNAU

Why do governments rely on the sales tax for big projects, like the medical research proposal in Jackson County?

And how fat can the sales tax get before shoppers stop buying? 

In the second half of Tuesday's Up to Date, Steve Kraske talks with two experts about sales taxes, what makes up the total sales tax you see on a receipt, and why governments have turned to sales taxes for raising funds when revenue is down.


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5:22 pm
Mon October 28, 2013

Is Translational Medicine Too Taxing For Jackson County?

Jackson County residents will be voting on the translational medicine sales tax.
Credit theocean/Flickr-CC

Jackson County voters head to the polls on November 5 to vote on a 1/2 cent sales tax increase to fund a translational medicine institute. 

In the first part of Tuesday's Up to Date, a proponent and opponent of the tax meet in our studios to debate the controversial proposal, including how county residents will actually benefit from the project.


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5:40 pm
Tue October 8, 2013

Overland Park Voters OK Sales Tax Extension

An initial vote count appears to show Overland Park, Kan. voters have approved extending a 1/8 cent sales tax for 10 years, financing street repair and construction.

Unofficial returns on the mail-in ballot show some 33,000 ballots cast with 72 percent approving it.   Nearly $70 million will have been collected when the current tax expires in 2014. 

“We keep this money all segregated to make sure we spend the entire amount  on specifically what we told them we would use it for," says Carl Gerlach, mayor of Overland Park.

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3:36 pm
Tue August 27, 2013

Transit Alliance Chief Not Actively Opposed To Competing Tax

The Chairman of Kansas City’s Regional Transit Alliance fears  a proposed medical research tax will divert funds and attention from improved rail transportation.   The stand does not extend to  active opposition  to the tax.

Kite Singleton of the Transit Alliance makes it clear he is not campaigning against the half cent medical research tax going on the Jackson County ballot in November.

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4:39 pm
Mon August 26, 2013

Jackson County Voters To Decide Medical Research Tax

Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders promotes half cent sales tax for medical research, moments after he and county legislators put the measure on the November 5 ballot.
Credit Dan Verbeck / KCUR

Jackson County voters will decide a proposed half cent sales tax to benefit development of medical innovations and research at select area hospitals and medical schools. 

The county legislature has voted by a large margin to put the measure on the November 5 ballot.

Some legislators wanted changes if they were going to back the proposal, and they got it.

The alteration, passed by a vote of 7-2, now requires the county legislature appoint a member to a board overseeing finances. 

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3:54 am
Tue August 20, 2013

Legislators Question Jackson County Sales Tax Backers

Jackson County Legislators Bob Spence, Fred Arbanas and James Tindall (right to left) ponder sales tax proposal for innovative translational medical research.
Credit Dan Verbeck / KCUR

A first public hearing before the Jackson County Legislature on a proposed sales tax for medical research drew no outright opposition.  

Legislators do have a hefty array of questions about costs and benefits.

If sent to and approved by Jackson County voters, the half cent sales tax is estimated to generate about $40 million a year for what has been termed "Translational Medical Research."

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3:24 pm
Thu August 8, 2013

Proposed Jackson County Sales Tax Hike Would Boost Medical Research

Dr. John Spertus describes types of research expected from proposed health research institute.
Credit Dan Verbeck / KCUR

Medical, business and educational leaders have spelled out what Jackson County residents would get if a tax issue is put on the November ballot and gains voter approval to enhance health research and medical care.

If the county legislature and voters approve, a half-cent sales tax would raise $40 million a year.

Funds would be divided between Children's Mercy and St. Luke’s Hospitals and UMKC. It’s designed to attract top medical researchers to translate new findings into treatment, diagnosis and prevention of diseases.

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9:25 am
Thu April 25, 2013

Missouri House Sends Amended Tax Bill Back To Senate

wikimedia commons

The Missouri House has passed a Senate bill that would overhaul the state’s income and sales taxes, but not before making a few changes.

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3:21 pm
Tue April 23, 2013

The Kansas Sales Tax: To Extend Or Not To Extend

Three years ago the Kansas legislature passed a one-cent sales tax with the intention of removing it at a later date.

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10:02 am
Thu March 28, 2013

Kansas Tax Negotiators Begin Meetings

Representative Richard Carlson (Left, R-St. Marys) and Senator Les Donovan (R-Wichita) speak before the conference committee.
Stephen Koranda Kansas Public Radio

A select group of lawmakers from the Kansas House and Senate started negotiations on tax legislation today. The conference committee will work to find a compromise between bills that passed the two chambers.

The bills have one large difference. The Senate version makes a temporary sales tax permanent to help offset the costs of income tax cuts. The House version allows the sales tax to expire as planned later this year, and introduces additional income tax reductions more slowly.

Senator Les Donovan, a Wichita Republican, says extending the sales tax is critical.

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9:39 am
Mon March 18, 2013

Kansas House And Senate Differ On Sales Tax

The Kansas House and Senate are working on two bills that would cut income taxes, but they are very different in one aspect.

The bill that passed the Senate would make permanent a temporary sales tax that's set to expire later this year. The House plan would let the sales tax expire as planned.

Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce, a Republican from Hutchinson, says the sales tax wouldn't be a deal breaker.

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9:23 am
Thu March 7, 2013

Missouri Senate Approves Tax Overhaul To Compete With Kansas

Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City.
jimmywayne Flickr

The Missouri Senate has given first-round approval to a phased-in tax overhaul designed to help the Show-Me State compete with neighboring Kansas, which recently slashed its tax rates. 

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9:26 am
Wed January 2, 2013

More Tax Changes May Be Afoot In Kansas

The Kansas Statehouse.
Wikimedia Commons - CC

A large tax overhaul takes effect in Kansas now that the New Year has begun, but it may not remain as-is for long.

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4:57 pm
Tue September 4, 2012

Sales Taxes On Vehicles Purchased Out-Of-State Debated In Missouri

Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon and the Republican-led General Assembly will face off next week over a bill vetoed earlier this year that would have required Mo. residents to pay sales tax on vehicles purchased out-of-state. 

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4:17 pm
Tue June 5, 2012

Prairie Village Council Says No To Parks Tax Referendum

Prairie Village Mayor Ron Shaffer is disappointed at City Council refusal to send a parks sales tax plan to voters.

There will be no November vote in Prairie Village on a proposed sales tax to benefit parks. The City Council has killed the issue on a vote of 6 to 5.

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