Roy Blunt

5:36 pm
Thu February 27, 2014

Blunt, McCaskill Step Up Concerns About Proposed National Guard Cuts

Originally published on Fri February 28, 2014 11:18 am

Missouri’s two U.S. senators – Republican Roy Blunt and Democrat Claire McCaskill – are joining forces as they raise concerns about the Defense Department’s proposed cuts in spending for the National Guard.

The trims would have a $34 million economic impact on Missouri through 2016, Blunt told reporters Thursday. The reduced spending would primarily affect Guard operations in Springfield, Warrensburg and St. Joseph, he said.

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Arts and Culture
7:16 am
Fri February 21, 2014

U.S. Sen. Blunt Travels Missouri Touting Legacy Of Monuments Men

Nicole Myers, associate curator of European painting and sculpture, talks to U.S. Senator Roy Blunt about Nicolas de Largilliere's 1715 oil painting (at left) recovered by the Monuments Men.
Credit Laura Spencer / KCUR

During World War II, nearly 350 men and women, known as the Monuments Men, worked to protect and restore millions of cultural artifacts. This group of art curators and historians recovered sculptures and paintings looted by the Nazis, from artists such as Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, and Leonardo da Vinci.

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Up to Date
11:06 am
Tue January 21, 2014

U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt On Child Abuse Prevention, Benghazi and Data Security

U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt talks with Steve Kraske about international adoption and bipartisan policymaking.

In the wake of the breach of security at Target that resulted in compromised financial data for thousands of consumers, U.S. Senator Roy Blunt is sponsoring a bipartisan bill that aims to help. He's also asking questions about an official report on the Benghazi attack, and seeking to restore funding for child abuse prevention. 

In the first part of Tuesday's Up to Date, he joins Steve Kraske to talk about these topics and more.


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3:18 pm
Thu October 17, 2013

Sen. Blunt Says It's Time To Get Back To Business

Both of Missouri’s U.S. Senators voted in favor of the bill Wednesday night that reopened the federal government and raised the country’s debt ceiling.

The measure, approved by the House and Senate and signed by the President early Thursday, restores funding for the government through January 15 and extends the nation's borrowing authority through February 7.

Republican Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri says he hopes the government learned some lessons during the 16-day shutdown.

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4:05 pm
Fri September 20, 2013

President Lauds KC Ford, Chides Congress

President Barack Obama at Ford's new plant at Liberty, MO.
Credit Dan Verbeck / KCUR

President Barack Obama drew heavily on automotive references as he spread his economic recovery message at the Ford Plant at Liberty, MO  today.  The President also took on Congress’ pitting the debt ceiling against the Affordable Care.

The President told a crowd of mostly auto workers, their families and supporters Congress must raise the debt ceiling or fallout would make America a “deadbeat”  to the world.

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Business & Tech
4:48 pm
Fri September 6, 2013

Blunt To Business: Invest In Science, Medicine

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt before Greater Kansas City Area Chamber of Commerce.
Credit Dan Verbeck / KCUR

Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt says advances in medical and food science are going to be among the great challenges of the next two decades.

The state’s junior Senator  drew parallels as he spoke to the greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in an address billed as “economic.”

The Republican Senator said medical advances go hand in hand with the agricultural economy, as the world’s food needs will double by 2050.

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9:00 am
Fri August 30, 2013

Blunt Says U.S. Late To Help Syria

Republican U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt spoke at a gas station in Cape Girardeau.
Jacob McCleland KRCU

U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt says the United States already missed the point to have a real impact in Syria at the early stages of that country's conflict. 

Speaking at a gas station in Cape Girardeau, the Republican Senator said a no-fly zone early on could have allowed the rebellion to remove Bashar Al-Assad. Now, he says President Obama's decision to send a message to Syria because of chemical weapons attacks is, quote "pretty offensive."

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9:37 am
Thu August 1, 2013

Blunt Co-Sponsors Bill to Streamline Government Regulations

U.S. Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri introduced a bill Wednesday he says will streamline some government regulations and do away with others altogether.

The bill would have Congress create a new commission, which would take input from the public on which regulations are outdated, unnecessary, or too much of a burden. That commission would report back to Congress with recommendations of what changes to make.

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5:42 am
Mon December 31, 2012

Blunt, McCaskill Take Opposing Views On Senate Rule Changes

The U.S. Capitol.
wikimedia commons

Averting big, abrupt tax increases and spending cuts isn’t the only issue pressing in Washington this week.

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8:53 am
Tue December 18, 2012

Top Of The Morning News: December 18, 2012

Governor Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon of Missouri
courtesy of

Governor Jay Nixon says his administration may seek legislation to protect school children. U.S. Senator Roy Blunt says greater gun control is not the answer. Those stories and more from KCUR News.

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8:28 am
Tue October 23, 2012

Republican Nominee For Missouri Governor Continues Rally Without Big Name

Dave Spence.
wikimedia commons

Republican nominee for governor Dave Spence made a campaign stop in Missouri’s capital but did so without the big name slated to introduce him. 

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Up to Date
10:49 am
Wed October 10, 2012

U.S. Senator Roy Blunt On Election & Economy

U.S. Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri (R)

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt is traveling the state in this big election year, cheering on Republican Mitt Romney for President and working on cybersecurity.

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9:12 am
Thu December 15, 2011

Top Of The Morning News: Thursday, December 15, 2011

  • Kansas School Districts Examine New Funding Formula
  • Local Poultry Producers In A Bind
  • Blunt Says Failed Balance Budget Amendment Typical

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4:54 pm
Thu August 19, 2010

Video Pulled from Blunt's Site

St. Louis, MO – A short video featuring an interview with Missouri Democratic Senate nominee Robin Carnahan combined with a photo of World Trade Center rubble has been removed from Republican Roy Blunt's YouTube site. The clip contains a radio interview, in which Carnahan says she would not try to tell New Yorkers whether or not a mosque should be built near the site of the 9-11 attack. When St. Louis Public Radio's Marshall Griffin asked Blunt about the video, Blunt objected to the question:

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5:15 pm
Tue August 17, 2010

Blunt Business Base is Bolstered

U.S. Chamber of Commerce V.P. Bill Miller, flanked by U.S. Sen. Kit Bond (l) and Cong. Roy Blunt (r).
photo by dan verbeck

Kansas City, MO – In his run for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Missouri's Christopher Bond, Congressman Roy Blunt is pushing private sector jobs creation.

The Republican candidate was touring the state, picking up the endorsement of the Missouri and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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6:41 am
Wed August 4, 2010

Blunt beats Purgason, prepares to battle Carnahan

In the race to replace retiring Missouri Senator Kit Bond, Roy Blunt, a congressman from southwest Missouri, won a nine-way Republican Senate primary over tea party contender Chuck Purgason. Blunt had 71 percent of the vote to Purgason's 13 percent. But Purgason says the race was worth the effort.

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