Ron Richard

Marshall Griffin / St. Louis Public Radio

The last day of this year's Missouri legislative session has arrived.  Lawmakers will be pushing to get several more pieces of legislation across the finish line.

The House passed a package of tax credits on Thursday that's still awaiting action in the Senate.  The two chambers still differ on where to cap the state's most widely used incentives - for historic preservation and low-income Housing.  Ron Richard, the Senate's Republican Floor Leader, says he hopes to get some sort of economic development bill passed.

jimmywayne / Flickr

The Missouri Senate is threatening to delay passing the budget for the Department of Revenue over the state agency’s scanning of source documents for driver’s licenses, conceal-carry endorsements and other permits. 

Earlier this week, the Senate Appropriations Committee issued a subpoena ordering Revenue officials to hand over all documentation related to the practice, in order to determine if the agency is sharing information with the federal government or a third-party entity.