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Beyond Our Borders
2:41 pm
Wed October 22, 2014

PHOTOS: Kansas And Missouri's Nearly Identical Taste In Art

Big clown-like figures in 'Thinker'-like poses: 'Companion (Passing Through),' KAWS, Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art in Overland Park, Kan., and 'Crying Giant,' Tom Otterness, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, Mo.
Julie Denesha KCUR

In our Beyond Our Borders story on arts and the state line in the Kansas City area, artists and leaders of arts organizations said they believed that the boundary isn't much of a barrier when it comes to the metro's cultural landscape — artists and audiences enthusiastically cross the state line for all sorts of cultural events.

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Arts & Culture
3:42 pm
Wed September 24, 2014

At Twenty, Kansas City's 'Sky Stations' Are An Artist's 'Once-In-A-Lifetime' Project

A helicopter places one of the ornaments on top of a pillar, more than 200 feet over Bartle Hall, in 1994.
Credit courtesy: Zahner

Sky Stations are the shiny, space-age sculptures on top of Bartle Hall (more commonly called "hair curlers").

Twenty years ago this week, a helicopter hovered overhead to place the four steel and aluminum sculptures atop 300-foot concrete pylons in a public art installation that closed the downtown streets in Kansas City, Mo.

New York-based artist R.M. Fischer reflects on Sky Stations 20 years later: 

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Arts & Culture
8:00 am
Sat September 13, 2014

At New Fields, Sculptor Jake Balcom Kicks Around The Meaning Of Soccer

Kansas City artist Jake Balcom started installing "Triple Blome" at Swope Park's Soccer Village on Monday, Sept. 8.
CJ Janovy KCUR

The Kansas City Parks & Recreation Department celebrated the opening of Soccer Village on Friday. In addition to pristine practice fields with perfect synthetic grass and a natural-grass championship field with grandstands that seat 1,500 people, there’s also a sculpture, thanks to the city’s One Percent for Art Program.

The artist, Jake Balcom, installed the work last week with help from two friends, Spencer Schubert, also a local sculptor, and musician Brent Jamison.

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Arts & Culture
8:00 am
Thu July 3, 2014

Public Art Commission Awarded To Iowa Artist Sparks Discussion

A rendering of David Dahlquist's artwork at the KCPD East Patrol.
Credit courtesy of the artist

More than 200 cities across the United States have a percent-for-art ordinance, calling for a portion of construction project budgets to be set aside for public art.

Kansas City's one percent for art ordinance has been in effect since 1986. The first installation: "Bull Wall" by Kansas City native Robert Morris in the West Bottoms in 1992.

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Central Standard
3:12 pm
Thu June 5, 2014

Historic Northeast Neighborhoods: People, Art, Food

The Northeast Concourse Fountain is a gathering place in the historic northeast neighborhood of Kansas City, Mo.
Credit Charvex / Wikimedia Commons

As part of KCUR's Beyond Our Borders series, Central Standard met with a handful of residents of Kansas City's historic Northeast to hear about the people and projects shaping the future of that part of town. In particular, artist Hector Casanova told us about his project working with students to transform a boarded-up old school building in the neighborhood by treating its surfaces as a giant canvas.

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Arts & Culture
10:51 am
Thu March 13, 2014

An Engaging Sculpture Taking Shape At The Nelson-Atkins

The site of the sculpture 'Glass Labyrinth,' in 2013. The work will be mounted on a concrete slab.
Josh Ferdinand Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

If you’ve walked or driven by the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art recently you’ve probably noticed a flurry of activity on the southeast corner of the grassy lawn. Work is underway to ready the site for the installation of a new sculpture, Glass Labyrinth, a triangular-shaped, glass-walled labyrinth designed by artist Robert Morris, a native of Kansas City, Mo.

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2:59 pm
Fri December 20, 2013

Kansas City Announces $100K For Art At Streetcar Stops

This streetcar stop in Portland, Ore. features public art.
Credit brx0 / Flickr--CC

The city of Kansas City, Mo., will commission $100,000 of public art for the first phase of the streetcar line, and has announced a request for proposals. 

In a release Friday, the city said it is looking for professional artists or artist-led teams to create proposals for art projects to be displayed at selected streetcar stops. The release says while all proposals will be considered, the city is looking for ideas that integrate the artwork into the infrastructure of the stops.

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Visual Arts
5:40 pm
Wed November 13, 2013

KCI Terminal A Closing, But Public Art Remains, For Now

The terrazzo flooring of 'Polarities' is underfoot in Terminal A.
Julie Denesha KCUR

At Kansas City International Airport, Air Canada, US Airways and United are moving to Terminal C, and Terminal A is expected to close on Jan. 9, 2014. But what does this mean for the public artwork - inside and outside the terminal?

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5:00 am
Thu March 21, 2013

A Vision Taking Shape For KC's Arts And Culture Plan

Mayor James speaks to the crowd gathered at ArtsTech.
Julie Denesha KCUR

In January, the Mayor’s Task Force for the Arts launched a series of meetings - at community centers, nature centers, libraries and other venues - to try to map out a vision for Kansas City’s arts and cultural policy.

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Visual Arts
5:00 am
Thu October 4, 2012

Boxcar Installation Transforms Downtown Rooftop

Architectural rendering of "Prairie Logic."
courtesy of el dorado, inc.

A landscaped roof at 12th and Walnut, in the Power & Light District of downtown Kansas City, is now an art space and community focal point with the addition of a new sculpture called “Prairie Logic."

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Visual Arts
5:56 pm
Tue September 4, 2012

Group Files Signatures To Remove Controversial Sculpture

Flickr user BSevett

A grand jury may decide the fate of a life-sized bronze sculpture at the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

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Central Standard
12:12 pm
Thu June 14, 2012

A Small Victory For Fun: Hammocks Outside The Kauffman Center

Artist Jarrett Mellenbruch views the performing arts center from one of a dozen hammocks that make up his public art piece called "Float."
Tomeka Weatherspoon

The Crown Center Fountains may be off limits, but there's a hammock with your name on it downtown. 

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Visual Arts
5:00 pm
Thu May 31, 2012

Kinetic Sculpture Mimics Movement Of Construction Equipment

"Adaptation" at the Public Works complex in west Olathe, Kan.
Courtesy of the artist

Johnson County launched its one percent for art program in 2007. This means that one percent of the budget of a new major capital project is set aside for public art.

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Visual Arts
12:03 pm
Thu May 24, 2012

Art Generates Controversy In Johnson County

"Accept or Reject" by Yu Chang

Prompted by a recent visit to the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens with her family, an area resident has started circulating a petition to remove one of the sculptures. The work is called "Accept or Reject" (note: a brass plaque also lists the title as "Choice") by sculptor 余畅 Yu Chang, an artist who also reportedly directs the Guangzhou Sculpture Academy. Overland Park officials say that, at this time, there are no plans to remove it from the Arboretum.

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Visual Arts
3:43 pm
Wed November 23, 2011

Terpsichore for Kansas City: Sound and Light Installation in a Garage

The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts parking garage on 17th Street.
photo: Laura Spencer/KCUR

Parking garages in Kansas City are infused with art - from the light and sound work called Pulse, next to City Hall; to the dancing lights in the underground garage at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art from a reflecting pool overhead. In the new parking garage at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, there's a public art installation activated by movement.

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Visual Arts
2:59 pm
Thu August 25, 2011

Temporary Artwork Generates Discussion about Economic Policy

Artist John Salvest looks at the diagram for "IOU/USA" in Memorial Hill/Penn Valley Park.
photo: Laura Spencer/KCUR

On the grassy lawn near the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City, trucks are hauling cargo shipping containers to be unloaded and stacked into a towering, temporary sculpture. One hundred and five containers, piled almost seven stories high, will spell out IOU on one side and USA on the other. It's a nod to this country's increasing federal budget and foreign trade deficits.

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Visual Arts
1:41 pm
Mon August 1, 2011

Debate over Controversial Statue Resumes

This statue, located in front of the police communications building, has sparked years of controversy in Kansas City about art and interpretation.
Brenna Daldorph/KCUR

Renovations of the police communications building mean that a well-known statue will have to find a new home. Will it be sent to storage or be moved to another public spot in Kansas City? The debate is on!

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