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12:56 pm
Thu July 24, 2014

Two Hundred Years Of U.S. Presidents And Pop Culture

Credit Regnery History

Presidents have been forced to calculate whether they want to be men of the people...or men of somewhat higher understanding.

On this edition of Up to Date Steve Kraske sits down with author Tevi Troy for a look at how popular culture has shaped the presidency. From Jefferson’s grounding in philosophy to Obama’s mastery of Internet culture, they examine who was best, or worst, at navigating a president's need to connect with the average citizen through the culture of the day.


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Up to Date
11:13 am
Thu November 21, 2013

Warren G. Harding: America's Least Favorite President

Historian Phillip Payne joins Steve Kraske to talk about his biography of Pres. Warren G. Harding

During his presidency, Warren G. Harding was generally well liked among Americans. In contemporary times however, Harding's cronyism and corruption have sent him to the bottom of favorite president lists.

On Thursday's Up to Date, we talk with historian Phillip Payne about Harding's upbringing, his ascendancy to power, and the scandals that still plague his image to this day.

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Up to Date
4:00 pm
Wed September 11, 2013

A Presidential Bond: Likable Ike & Tricky Dick

Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon won the presidential election in 1952 and in 1956.

It was an odd couple who won the 1952 presidential race: Likable Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower and tricky Richard "Dick" Nixon. 

In the second part of Thursday's Up to Date, we’ll take a look at the complicated relationship between the two men with Jeffrey Frank, author of Ike and Dick: Portrait of a Strange Political Marriage.


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Up to Date
7:00 pm
Tue March 6, 2012

Robert Dallek: Why Some Presidents Succeed

Robert Dallek is speaking at the Plaza Branch of the Kansas City Public Library at 6:30 p.m. on March 13.

We’ve had 45 of them on the job, but only 16 were able to come back.  It’s something Thomas Jefferson once deemed a “splendid misery” …  the U.S. Presidency.

What are the factors that play into the reputation as a strong or weak leader?  How does a president hold onto the public’s imagination?

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Up to Date
8:50 am
Mon February 20, 2012

US Presidents And Congress: How To Succeed In Partisan Politics

Barack Obama isn't the first President in conflict with a Congress run by the opposing party. However, being in that position doesn't mean nothing gets accomplished. Take it from Historian of the U.S. Senate Donald Richie.

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