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Over the course of 20 years the KCUR music program Night Tides has offered “an eclectic blend of contemplative instrumental and electronic music” on the airwaves every Sunday from 8 p.m. - midnight. Right along with those soothing melodies has been the distinctive voice of its host, Renée Blanche.

On The Edge

Mar 18, 2012


Mar 12, 2012
Hugo Chisholm /

Filling in the lost hour with the usual suspects that include new music by guitarist Bob Ardern, new to the Night Tides lineup, and Ian Boddy/Erik Wøllo team up to thrill fans of electronic music.

It Is Like That

Mar 5, 2012
Sam Howzit /

Some minor glitches in technology aren't enough to dampen the mood of reflection and relaxation, as Renee' features long-form music from Steve Roach's album "Journey of One."


Feb 26, 2012
Malta Girl /

A gentle interlude of songs featuring piano and/or guitar begins this week's Night Tides broadcast, including music from Kevin Kern, Bob Kilgore and Kathryn Kaye.

Unwind, Rewind

Feb 19, 2012
Ivan Rumata /

Renee' presents new music from Cyber Zen Sound Engine as well as works from Night Tides favorites Bob Kilgore and Libera.

Love Is...

Feb 12, 2012