Misha Kligman

Visual Arts
8:17 am
Fri May 31, 2013

PLUG Projects Presents 'Rare Earth'

A close-up of a lichen installation by Sarah Hearn. According to PLUG Projects, Hearn's work is "idea driven by a multitude of scientific theories."
Laura Spencer KCUR

Inside – and outside – the gallery at PLUG Projects, works by seven artists from around the country incorporate natural materials, such as lichen, geodes, fungi and fauna. In their paintings, photography, sculptures, and installations, they explore new ways of seeing nature - and the impact of human intervention.

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Visual Arts
3:58 pm
Thu August 4, 2011

<I>Between Thee & Me</I> Bridges Divides Through Art

Artist Gerry Trilling talks about her work at the Epsten Gallery.
photo: courtesy of Epsten Gallery

Over the centuries, art and religion...have grown apart. As a Huffington Post writer puts it: "The art world suffers from a secular hangover." But, in recent years, artists are returning to religious subjects and imagery in their artwork.

Kansas City, Mo. – KCUR's Laura Spencer takes a look at two group exhibitions that ask artists to delve into religious objects.

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