Making Movies

“Have you ever had a conversation that’s just inspired and it feels like it just rolls back and forth?" asks Enrique Chi, lead singer and founder of the Latin-influenced rock band Making Movies, based in Kansas City, Mo.

"I think that’s a really beautiful human thing, and that’s kind of what songwriting feels like.”

Central Standard caught up with Chi during a recent rehearsal to ask him about his songwriting process and the inspiration behind the song Chase Your Tail.

Making Movies

About a year and a half ago, local band Making Movies opened for Los Lobos when the legendary Latin rock band was in Kansas City. Making Movies had been incorporating more Latin rhythms into their Spanish- and English-language rock, and one Los Lobos member liked what he heard.

Between sets, Lobo Steve Berlin asked Making Movies if he could produce their next recording. They released the result, entitled “A La Deriva,” on March 5th, and they’re reaching out to create an international audience.