12:31 pm
Fri August 15, 2014

Looking Back, Looking Forward As School Days In Kansas City Begin

Hundreds of families line up for school supplies at a back-to-school fair at Kansas City Kansas Community College last week.
Credit Laura Ziegler

Many of the schools in the Kansas City metro area began this week. As we look around and see students toting backpacks and boarding school busses, we take a look at what's universal about this "back-to-school" time of year with this audio postcard.

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Beyond Our Borders
9:52 am
Fri June 27, 2014

How School And District Boundaries Shaped Education In Kansas City

Street map of Kansas City showing grade school and high school districts as well as the locations of schools. "Red Lines Indicate High School Boundaries" and "Colored School Districts" are marked in green.
Credit Missouri Valley Special Collections, Kansas City Public Library / Kansas City, Mo.

Earlier this year, we embarked on a year-long investigation of the lines that divide and unite us — starting with a look at Troost Avenue.

The road has been used as a border for many things, including neighborhood associations, census tracts, political districts and public schools. 

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12:18 pm
Wed February 26, 2014

Missouri Senate Begins Debate On Student Transfer Bill

Mo. Capitol
UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Originally published on Wed February 26, 2014 10:48 am

The Missouri Senate has begun debate on legislation to lessen the effects of the state's student transfer law.

The wide-ranging bill attempts to address both the law and unaccredited districts.  Provisions within Senate Bill 493 include accrediting individual school buildings instead of districts as a whole and creating regional authorities across the state to oversee transfers.

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7:34 am
Wed February 19, 2014

New Plan Eases Threat Of Kansas City Schools Takeover

Missouri is no longer threatening a quick take-over of the Kansas City school district.

The state's latest proposal instead centers around performance contracts, advice and financial help from the state and a five-tiered school performance ranking system. If an unaccredited district like Kansas City's fails to meet its goals, it would fall to the lowest, or “lapsed” category and likely be taken over by the state.

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7:51 am
Thu January 30, 2014

Public Comments Heard On Changes To Kansas City Schools

Melissa Eddy chided adherents to local control of Kansas City Schools.
Credit Dan Verbeck / KCUR

More than a dozen people, picked from among scores who wanted to speak,  reacted with passion to proposed changes in Kansas City Public Schools Wednesday night.

Nearly all who spoke to a two- thirds filled Paseo Academy Auditorium wanted to keep local control of schools.

Public testimony taken by Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education was first in a series around the state.

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8:28 am
Fri December 20, 2013

New Group Pits Kansas City School Reformers Against State Efforts

Jennifer Wolfsie is a member of the Kansas City Public Schools District Advisory Committee. She holds a petition to set a moratorium on state efforts to re-accredit schools.
Credit Dan Verbeck / KCUR

A collective of Kansas City organizations and public school parents have joined to petition the Missouri Board of Education to stop a study looking at changes for the unaccredited Kansas City schools.

The Coalition for Quality Public Education includes the Kansas City Federation of Teachers and NAACP. The group wants to end the study by the Indianapolis-based research group CEE-Trust.

Jennifer Wolfsie is a member of the school district's advisory committee. She wants the school district to continue its own work toward improvement.

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7:01 am
Tue December 10, 2013

Missouri Education Board President Defends Nicastro Amid Email Controversy

Missouri Education Commissioner, Chris Nicastro.
Credit State of Missouri

The president of the Missouri board of education is criticizing groups that are calling for Missouri Education Commissioner, Chris Nicastro, to resign. Meanwhile, one of those lawmakers says the Kansas City district has no voice on the state board.

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KC Currents
7:28 pm
Wed October 9, 2013

Mo. Education Commissioner Defends Accreditation Recommendation

Missouri Education Commissioner, Chris Nicastro
Credit State of Missouri

The hopes of Kansas City Public School officials were dashed last month when Missouri Education Commissioner Chris Nicastro recommended the district remain unaccredited.  

KCPS had been seeking provisional accreditation. Officials cited improvements in test scores and other factors. This August, the district earned 60 percent of the total possible points on its state report card (that was up from about 20 percent in a preliminary assessment last year). Fifty percent was the cutoff to be considered for provisional accreditation.

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4:32 pm
Wed October 2, 2013

Mo. Supreme Court Hears Arguments About Student Transfer Law

A lawsuit that’s delaying the implementation of Missouri’s student transfer law in the Kansas City area was heard Wednesday by the Missouri Supreme Court. At issue is a lower court ruling that declared the law to be an unfunded mandate for schools in Independence, North Kansas City and Lee’s Summit, but not for Blue Springs and Raytown. 

Attorney Duane Martin argued Blue Springs’ position before the High Court, saying it would be an unfunded mandate for them as well.

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1:33 pm
Fri August 23, 2013

Kansas City School District Celebrates Good Evaluation

Kansas City Superintendent Stephen Green and school board president Airick Leonard West celebrated the district's score on a state evaluation.
Maria Carter KCUR

Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) leaders are celebrating.  They got a 60 percent on a state evaluation.  That’s 10 percentage points more than needed to get to provisional accreditation, although whether and when that gets restored is up to the state education officials. 

When Superintendent Stephen Green first got the district’s numbers under a new evaluation system in December, they were dismal.

Moments like that either they break you or they make you stronger for having persevered through the break,” said Green.

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2:09 am
Fri August 23, 2013

Kansas City School District Shows Improvement, But Concerns Remain

Credit Kansas City< Missouri School Disrict

Kansas City public schools showed improvement in a preview of new Missouri school district ratings, but will not regain provisional accreditation at this time.

Commissioner of Education Chris Nicastro said in a Thursday evening conference call that the district had improved proficiency ratings in science and social studies to on a par with its scores in English language arts and math, but with those only at 30 percent proficiency ratings, 7 out of 10 students were not achieving "at proficiency."

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12:27 am
Wed August 14, 2013

KC Superintendent Expects Accreditation Return

Credit Kansas City< Missouri School Disrict

Kansas City, Missouri's superintendent of schools expects to break some good news to the community later this month.

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KC Currents
11:35 am
Tue February 12, 2013

Proposed Waldo Walmart Sparks Community Response

Bingham Junior High School sits vacated east of 77th and Wornall, abutting the Trolley Track Trail in Waldo.
Credit Monica Sandreczki / KCUR

The redevelopment of each closed school building in Kansas City, Mo. tends to draw a small group of concerned residents.  And that was the case for the old Bingham Junior High School property, at 77th and Wyandotte in Waldo. Until Walmart came knocking.

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12:16 pm
Tue August 21, 2012

Funding Verdict Against Kansas City Public Schools


The Missouri Court of Appeals' Western Court ruled Tuesday against the Kansas City, Missouri School District, now known as the KCPS.

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8:25 am
Wed May 2, 2012

Top Of The Morning News: Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A St. Louis County judge rules unconstitutional a Missouri law allowing students to transfer from unaccredited districts.  Kansas legislators approve combining the state’s arts and film commissions into one group.  That and more news from KCUR.

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8:43 am
Wed April 4, 2012

Top Of The Morning News: Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A newcomer upsets an education veteran for a spot on the Kansas City School Board, Cass County voters pass a half-cent sales tax to upgrade emergency dispatch systems, and more election results and headlines from KCUR.

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8:22 am
Tue April 3, 2012

Top Of The Morning News: Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kansas falls to Kentucky in NCAA Championship, ballot lists few candidates for the board of Kansas City Public Schools, deadly bat disease found in Missouri, and more news from KCUR.

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Kansas City Public Schools
2:52 am
Tue April 3, 2012

Write-Ins Compete For KC School Board Seats

As Kansas City School District voters go to polls today to elect new school board members, they'll be part of an historic effort to preserve local control of the system.

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8:35 am
Thu March 29, 2012

Top Of The Morning News: Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Kansas City School Board presents an accreditation plan to the city council.  Council committee votes against putting anti-nuclear weapons parts plant measure on ballot. That and more headlines from KCUR.

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1:53 am
Thu March 29, 2012

School District Meets With Council Group

Dr. Steve Green and school board president Airick Leonard West
KCCG Channel 2 video frame

President of the Kansas City school board and interim superintendent Steve Green went to the city council Neighborhoods Committee Wednesday with a plan for restoring accreditation to the Kansas City district.

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7:32 am
Fri March 2, 2012

Top Of The Morning News: Friday, March 2, 2012

New Report Cuts Risk Of NBAF, School Board President Preps Others For Leadership & more: A daily digest of headlines from KCUR.

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7:36 am
Fri February 24, 2012

Top Of The Morning News: Friday, February 24, 2012

A daily digest of headlines from KCUR:
State Resumes Advising Kansas City School District, KC Parks Board Warns Of Fallout From Budget Cuts & more top headlines from KCUR.

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Kansas City Schools
7:37 pm
Thu February 23, 2012

State Resumes Advising KCPS

State regional supervisor Tony Stansberry, interim superintendent Steve Green and school board president Airick Leonard West heard progress reports from district officials at Manual Technical Academy.
Sylvia Maria Gross KCUR

While Missouri lawmakers consider dissolving, splitting up or changing the governance of Kansas City Public Schools, state education officials have resumed working with the district on regaining accreditation by the current deadline of 2014.  

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7:33 am
Thu January 26, 2012

Top Of The Morning News: Thursday, January 26, 2012

A daily digest of headlines from KCUR.

  • Missouri Lawmakers Look To Streamline School District Takeover
  • Health Insurance Exchange On Hold In Missouri
  • Council Committee Approves Tax Credits For West Edge
  • NBAF Could Create 600 Permanent Jobs
  • Kids Push To Make Jumping Jacks Missouri’s Official State Exercise

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7:36 am
Tue January 10, 2012

Top Of The Morning News: Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A delay in the Kansas City schools transfer case, a start to Kansas lawmakers' redistricting effort, a new head coach for the Chiefs & more: A daily digest of headlines from KCUR.

The Chiefs Pick Romeo Crennel As Head Coach

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7:34 am
Wed December 28, 2011

Top Of The Morning News: Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Liberty Memorial, Kansas City, Missouri 2008.
User: Charvex Wikipedia
  • Liberty Memorial Gets Facelift
  • Kansas City Looks At How To Use Closed Schools
  • Missouri Lawmakers To Look At Eliminating Income Tax
  • Missouri's Health Exchange Tangled In Political Debate

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4:51 pm
Tue December 27, 2011

School Standing Loss Creates Academic Bedfellows

A recent study from University of Missouri-St. Louis may have Kansas City applications as the local school district prepares to lose its  accreditation in January. The survey finds how many students will leave the unaccredited system.

The October-November survey of some 600 St. Louis households finds nearly one-third of public school students would leave that  district if they could transfer to better-performing districts. State law lets them but the law is being contested.

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7:36 am
Thu December 22, 2011

Top Of The Morning News: Thursday, December 22, 2011

Aisha Khan
  • Missing Student Found, Not Abducted
  • KC Mayor Pushes For Control Of Schools
  • Benedictine Student Dies In Wintry Mix
  • EPA Sets New Standards For  Power Plants

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10:41 am
Mon December 19, 2011

Top Of The Morning News: Monday, December 19, 2011

Aisha Khan disappeared Friday, December 16 from the KU Edwards Campus in Overland Park.
  • Family Offers $10,000 Reward In Search For College Student
  • Low Unemployment Ends Extended Unemployment Program In Kansas
  • Students May Find It Difficult To Transfer To Accredited Districts
  • Ag Takes A Back  Seat In Iowa

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KCMO Schools
12:25 am
Wed April 7, 2010

Superintendent's Supporters Dominate KCMSD Elections

Kansas City, Mo. – A slate of candidates who support the school closure plan dominated yesterday's election for Kansas City Missouri's school board. The candidates ran on a slate put together by a new organization called Kansas Citians United for Educational Achievement.

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