Kansas City Tweed Ride

11:01 am
Sun October 6, 2013

Kansas City 'Tweed' Bicycle Ride Favors Style Over Speed

Mark Rainey, founder of the Kansas City Tweed Ride, poses in a vintage Harris Tweed jacket with his bicycle.
Julie Denesha KCUR

The fall air was crisp on Saturday morning as Steve Conard lifted his 1940s era Western Flyer from the back of his car.

"Today the weather is absolutely perfect for this kind of a ride," said Conard, dressed in a large, vintage tweed jacket and plaid pants. He said he had been looking forward to joining the Kansas City Tweed Ride since the day he found the rusty bike frame for five dollars at a bike swap this summer. It had taken him six weeks to rebuild the bike from salvaged parts.

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