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2:06 pm
Wed February 25, 2015

Wyandotte County Mayor Mark Holland On Jobs, Development And Challenges In KCK

Unified Government of Wyandotte County Mayor and CEO Mark Holland focused on job growth during his State of the Government address.
Credit The Unified Government of Wyandotte County

Since he was elected in 2013, Unified Government of Wyandotte County Mayor and CEO Mark Holland has been able to boast some impressive developments and job growth in the county.

Holland reiterated those successes in his State of the Government address Tuesday, making particular note of 4,000 new jobs created in 2014. He said that number represents about 30 percent of all new jobs in the state of Kansas.

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Kansas Legislature
5:25 am
Wed February 4, 2015

How Educators Took Back An Education Reform Plan From Politicians In Kansas

Davonte Scott, Keenan Adams and Clentel Perry are robotics students at Schlagle High School in Kansas City, Kan. Their teacher took a non-traditional route to education.
Credit Sam Zeff / KCUR

When they’re not talking about how to fund education in the Kansas Statehouse, they’re talking about how to change it. How to improve it. How to get better results with the same money.

Six school districts across the state are now rolling out something that may do all of that.

The school districts in Concordia, Marysville, McPherson, Blue Valley, Hugoton and Kansas City, Kan., are all part of something called the Coalition of Innovative School Districts and they all want, among other things, to license teachers differently. In a way, they say, that works best for them.

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8:35 am
Wed January 28, 2015

Kansas City Metro Schools Seek Bandwidth As They Add Mobile Devices

Fort Osage School District in eastern Jackson County has recently added a lot of traffic to its Internet highways.
Credit Kyle Palmer / KCUR

The best way to visualize a school district’s Internet connection may be to compare it to a busy network of highways:

First, an Internet service provider, like Time Warner or Google Fiber, sends in the Internet on one big eight-lane freeway to a district’s main servers. Here, the Internet connection may meet some firewalls and content filters — think of these as tollbooths — and then, the Internet is streamed out to the district’s schools through fiber cable on what you might think of as two-lane country roads.

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3:55 pm
Fri January 2, 2015

'Urban Opportunity Zones' Potentially Coming To Kansas City, Kansas

An offshoot of Kansas’ Rural Opportunity Zones program could be moving into Wyandotte County, pending approval from the state legislature.

Wyandotte County officials are optimistic that Gov. Sam Brownback will introduce the plan to the Kansas legislature soon. Brownback first debuted the idea for “Urban Opportunity Zones” on the campaign trail in August.

The zones would entice out-of-state residents to move into Kansas with a five-year income tax exemption, up to $15,000 in help for student loan payments, and significant property tax breaks for 15 years.

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Arts & Culture
6:45 am
Tue December 16, 2014

KCK Community College Jazzers Give A 'Kansas City Shout' To Havana

Jim Mair is director of instrumental studies at Kansas City Kansas Community College.
Credit Courtesy Jim Mair

This week, the musicians in the Kansas City Kansas Community College Jazz Ensemble travel to Cuba, where they’ve been invited to perform at the Havana International Jazz Festival. It’s a point of pride for a little-known, but stellar music program.

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Heartland Health Monitor
1:37 pm
Mon December 8, 2014

KCK ‘Healthy Campus’ Another Step Closer To Reality

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kan., in October unveiled this master plan for the development of a 'healthy campus' west of downtown Kansas City, Kan.
Credit Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kan.


A multimillion-dollar plan to transform downtown Kansas City, Kan., into a national model is one step closer to reality.

The Unified Government Board of Commissioners last week unanimously approved a new master development plan designed to help improve the health of Kansas City and other Wyandotte County residents by providing a state-of-the-art community center, more green space in which to exercise and access to healthy foods at a 30,000- to 35,000-square-foot urban grocery store.

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Kansas City Royals
12:43 pm
Thu October 16, 2014

Which Team Would The Royals Rather Face In The World Series?

The Royals will either face the San Francisco Giants or the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series
Credit St. Louis Cardinals / San Francisco Giants / MLB

The Kansas City Royals clinched the American League Championship against the Baltimore Orioles Wednesday, and will move on to the World Series for the first time in 29 years. 

Fans are celebrating the historic moment, but the boys in blue aren't out of the woods just yet.

Now the question is which team will they face off against: the St. Louis Cardinals or the San Francisco Giants? And which would be a better matchup?

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10:05 am
Mon October 13, 2014

How One Royals Fan Is Sprinkling A Little Magic On Kauffman Stadium

Royals fan Andy Berry poses with his baggy of dirt from the 1985 World Series.
Cody Newill KCUR

Royals fans don't get much more devoted than Andy Berry. A lifelong Kansas Citian, Berry attended the 1980 World Series when the Royals lost to the Phillies, and Game seven of the 1985 World Series when the Royals beat the Cardinals.

On that night when Missouri's two MLB teams clashed, Berry decided to sneak his way down onto the field after the final play. It was there that he got a special piece of memorabilia to remember that night: some dirt from the diamond.

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Heartland Health Monitor
5:48 pm
Thu October 9, 2014

Plans For ‘Healthy Campus’ In KCK Move Forward

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kan., is unveiling this master plan for the development of a 'healthy campus' west of downtown Kansas City, Kan.
Credit Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kan.

Kansas City, Kan., Mayor Mark Holland on Thursday unveiled an initiative to ensure that all residents can use a proposed new community center regardless of their financial circumstances.

Holland announced the initiative as part of a community forum for a “healthy campus” proposed for an urban site just west of downtown Kansas City, Kan.

A proposal championed by Holland, the healthy campus is a proposed mixed-use development that would revolve around Big Eleven Lake, which is bounded by 10th and 11th streets between State Avenue and Washington Boulevard.

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Kansas City Royals
3:02 pm
Wed October 1, 2014

A Fair-Weather Fan's Guide To Jumping On The Royals Bandwagon

Royals fans filled Kauffman Stadium during the wild card match between the boys in blue and the Oakland Athletics Tuesday.
Credit Lisa Rodriguez / KCUR

Even if you don't pay attention to sports, social media or Kansas City, you probably saw something about the Royals winning their first playoff game in 29 years Tuesday

Fans were left stunned after what was arguably the most intense game in Royals history. But what about people who generally don't follow baseball and want in on the excitement? What about those who don't know a bunt from bean? 

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Kansas City
10:20 am
Mon September 29, 2014

Huffington Post Names Kansas City 'Coolest' City In America

Kansas City is the "coolest [city] to visit right now" according to the Huffington Post.
Credit Allen Brewer / Flickr-CC

Kansas City is the most up-and-coming city in the country, according to a new ranking list.

The Huffington Post ranked Kansas City as the most exciting, "it" city in the United States. The food, Midwestern hospitality and music were all highlighted as reasons to visit the metro area.

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Kansas City Schools
11:18 am
Fri August 29, 2014

Two Kansas City Area Schools Ranked In News Site's Top 25 List

Sumner Academy of Arts and Science in Kansas City, Kan., ranked as one of The Daily Beast's top schools in the United States.
Credit The Daily Beast

News site The Daily Beast released an extensive review of United States high schools, and two of Kansas City's were ranked as "Doing the Most With the Least."

Out of 25 schools, Sumner Academy of Arts and Science in Kansas City, Kan., and Lincoln College Preparatory Academy in Kansas City, Mo., ranked 17th and 18th, respectively. 

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Heartland Health Monitor
9:34 am
Fri August 15, 2014

New Bus Route Addresses Health Needs Of KCK Residents

Credit Mike Sherry / The Hale Center for Journalism

It was nearly a decade ago that the Rosedale Development Association, a nonprofit community improvement corporation, identified lack of transportation as a significant barrier for neighborhood residents who wanted better access to medical care, grocery stores and other basic services.

The feedback came via a community-needs survey conducted by a volunteer working with the organization, said Erin Stryka, program manager of the association’s Rosedale Healthy Kids program.

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3:25 pm
Wed March 19, 2014

KCK Mayor Pushes Plan For 'Healthy Campus' Downtown

Alicia Ellingsworth, manager of the Cultivate Kansas City Gibbs Road Farm in Kansas City, Kan., watered some head lettuce Tuesday. One vision for a "healthy campus" near downtown KCK would be for it to have a greenhouse like the one at the farm.
Credit Mike Sherry / Hale Center for Journalism at KCPT

The southern vista from Big Eleven Lake — situated along one of the busiest streets in Kansas City, Kan. — features the crescent roof of a self-service car wash and the clutter of an auto body shop wedged onto a tiny corner lot.

On Tuesday, the litter along the lake’s muddy bank included an empty bottle of peach vodka and a crumpled pack of Pall Malls.

Down the hill was fisherman Alvin Suttington, a KCK native who said the park is a relaxing, convenient amenity for urban families. But, he said, “It would be better if (municipal officials) kept it up better.”

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Up to Date
9:43 am
Wed February 26, 2014

Looking At The State Of KCK And WyCo

Mark Holland has been mayor of Kansas City, Kan., for nearly a year.

It’s been nearly a year since Mark Holland became mayor of Kansas City, Kan., and it’s time to see what influence he’s wielded in the city over that time.

On Wednesday's Up to Date, Mayor Holland joins us in the studio to talk about the city’s economic development, public health programs and other issues.


  • Mark Holland, mayor of the unified government of Kansas City, Kan., and Wyandotte County
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7:11 am
Wed February 26, 2014

KCK Mayor's First State Of The Government Address

Mark Holland, mayor of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kan.

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kan., County needs to lower its taxes and drop its mill levy. That was part of the message on Tuesday for Mark Holland in his first term as chief executive of the Unified Government.

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2:58 pm
Thu January 16, 2014

Linking Past With Present In 'If Da Dirt Could Talk' Performance/Quilt Project

Artist Nedra Bonds shows students a picture of performer Janelle Monae, with assistance from Mrs. Daniels, a Quindaro Elementary School teacher.
Laura Spencer KCUR

Two friends from Kansas City, Kan., are teaming up for a project called If Da Dirt Could Talk. It combines collaborative quilts with a performance in an historic graveyard in old Quindaro.

Quilting to share history

Artist Nedra Bonds started quilting at the age of six. "Yeah, I didn’t have a choice, I come from a family of quilters on both sides," she says. "So this was something that we did, based upon who we were, based on the needs of the family, and we just always have done it."

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KC Currents
9:55 am
Thu September 12, 2013

The Remarkable Transformation Of One Neighborhood In KCK

An Art Squad alleyway mural in St. Peter/Waterway in Kansas City, Kansas.
Suzanne Hogan KCUR

In 2006, an organization called Local Initiatives Support Corporation of Greater Kansas City (LISC) identified six neighborhoods in the Kansas City area to target for improvements: Blue Hills, Douglass-Sumner, Ivanhoe Northwest, Downtown Kansas City, Kan., Scaritt Renaissance and St. Peter/ Waterway.

LISC is a national group that works with local organizations and communities, the Kansas City area initiative was called NeighborhoodsNOW.

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KC Currents
12:07 pm
Fri May 17, 2013

KCK Native Janelle Monae Releases 'Q.U.E.E.N.' Music Video

Performer and KCK native, Janelle Monae, is known for her gender-bending clothing and futuristic soul-meets-funk music. Keeping in her style, Monae just released her latest music video, "Q.U.E.E.N.", featuring neo-soul singer, Erykah Badu.

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Cops & Crime
5:39 pm
Mon May 6, 2013

Condition, Safety Records Probed In Kansas Party Bus Death

It may take a week to ten days to learn how and why a woman fell from a party bus into I-35 traffic near the Kansas-Missouri state line and was killed Saturday night.

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10:23 am
Thu April 25, 2013

5 Things Former Mayor Reardon Is Proud Of Accomplishing

Former Mayor Joe Reardon says there is a lot he is proud of, and a lot that still needs to be done.
Credit Laura Ziegler / KCUR

Wednesday was Joe Reardon’s last day in office.

The popular, 2-term head of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas says there were many things he was proud of accomplishing, and a few things he regretted not getting done.

Here are the things he was most proud of:

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Up to Date
10:46 am
Mon April 22, 2013

A Mayoral Summit

Mayors Sly James and Joe Reardon speak with Steve Kraske on Up to Date.
Beth Lipoff/KCUR

It’s the end of an era for one city leader, while events march on for another.

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6:36 pm
Fri March 29, 2013

KCK Mayoral Foes Battle By Substance And Style

Ann Murguia and Mark Holland are Wyandotte County voters' choices for mayor.
Credit Dan Verbeck / KCUR

Wyandotte County voters on Tuesday will decide who holds the reins as Mayor/CEO of Unified Government.

KCUR’s Dan Verbeck has background on two candidates who bring distinctly different approaches to operating the post.

Each serves as a member of the local governing commission, survivors of a spirited primary campaign and election. The candidates appeared to answer questions posed by a panel in a forum at Kansas City Kansas Community College. Appearing in alphabetical order:

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Up to Date
12:10 pm
Fri March 29, 2013

KCK Mayoral Debate

Candidates Mark Holland and Ann Murguia

Join Up to Date at 11 a.m. on Monday, April 1, at the Kansas City, Kan., Main Library, 625 Minnesota Ave., for the final debate of the Kansas City, Kan., mayoral race. Candidates Mark Holland and Ann Murguia will discuss the hot issues of the campaign in a debate moderated by Steve Kraske.

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9:47 am
Wed March 13, 2013

Top Of The Morning News : March 13, 2013

Dan Verbeck KCUR

Missouri Senate Passes Tax Overhaul

Over objections from Gov. Jay Nixon, the Missouri Senate has passed a tax overhaul that would cut income taxes by hundreds of millions of dollars annually for residents and businesses. It would also boost sales taxes.

The legislation is promoted by supporters as the most dramatic change to Missouri’s tax policies in decades. It’s prompted by a desire to compete with sweeping income tax cuts in Kansas.

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3:56 pm
Tue March 12, 2013

Kansas City Kansas Mayor Has Texting 'Fun' In Annual Address

Credit Dan Verbeck / KCUR

Kansas City Kansas Mayor and Unified Government CEO  Joe Reardon took the Google Fiber theme to an unexpected place as his annual State of Unified Government became  audience-interactive.

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7:56 am
Tue February 26, 2013

Elections Still On: Hours Extended, Polling Places Changed


Update Tuesday, 7:30 a.m. Due to the weather, polling places have been consolidated in both Wyandotte and Johnson Counties. Find polling places for Wyandotte County here and Johnson County here

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10:53 pm
Sat February 23, 2013

Wyandotte Mayor Candidates Debate Blight, Bureaucracy And Windfall Funds


On Tuesday, voters in Wyandotte County will narrow the field of candidates for the Mayor/CEO of Unified Government.  The number running will be reduced from five to two, going into the April general election.  KCUR’s Dan Verbeck reports on candidates’ backgrounds and issue-positions that have appeared since the campaign began in earnest only a month ago.

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Business & Tech
4:24 pm
Mon January 28, 2013

GM To Sink $600 Million Into KCK Plant

G.M. C.E.O. Dan Akerson at the Kansas City, Kansas assembly plant revealing plan to invest $600 million in the operation.
Credit Dan Verbeck / KCUR

General Motors has committed to a more than half billion dollar investment into its assembly plant in the Fairfax District of Kansas City, Kansas.

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8:22 am
Mon January 28, 2013

Top Of The Morning News: January 28, 2013

The CEO of General Motors will announce details of a major expansion at its Fairfax assembly plant in Kansas City, Kan. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is slated address education, mental health, and Medicaid in his State of the State address this evening. City leaders in Kansas City will host several public meetings this week, aimed at strengthening arts and culture in the region.

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