Central Standard
1:18 pm
Tue January 20, 2015

Editorial Cartoons: Free Speech, Safety And Taste Here At Home

Cartoonist Lee Judge draws for the undecided, and doesn't shy away from controversy.
Credit Sylvia Maria Gross / KCUR

If we are all "Charlie" in the wake of an armed assault on the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, no one has earned that solidarity more than political cartoonists. A left-leaning cartoonist and his conservative counterpart weigh in on the risks and rewards of taking a bold stance. In the course of doing a job intended to provoke, are there lines they do not cross?

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Up To Date
12:19 pm
Tue January 6, 2015

The "News Sorority": The Rise Of Female News Anchors

Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric and Christiane Amanpour shattered the glass ceiling when they broke into the boys' club of TV news. These gifted journalists transformed the way Americans view the news.

On this edition of Up to Date, Steve Kraske talks with the author of a new book that examines the struggles these women faced on their path to the anchor chair. We look at the individual strengths that shaped them and pushed them to success, and what their legacies will be. 


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Up To Date
2:06 pm
Wed December 17, 2014

Journalism In World War I Through The Pen Of A Kansas City Reporter

Otto Higgins, World War I correspondent for the Kansas City Star, in uniform.
National World War I Museum

For many families in America during World War I, newspaper reports were their only connection with loved ones serving in the trenches. On this edition of Up to Date, Steve Kraske talks with a journalism historian and an archivist from the World War I museum about the life of journalists reporting from the front lines during the Great War.

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Up To Date
2:24 pm
Mon December 8, 2014

Missourinet's Bob Priddy On Covering The Statehouse And Retirement

Bob Priddy standing in the Missouri Statehouse.
Credit Steve Mays /

Bob Priddy is one of the most highly respected journalists in Missouri. He has spent forty years covering the governors, senators and lawmakers that have passed through the Capitol building.

On this edition of Up to Date, Steve Kraske talks with the recently retired news director of Missourinet about the ins and outs of politics in Jefferson City, what drew him to reporting, and his thoughts on the Senate's decision to boot the news media to the basement. 


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Central Standard
12:40 pm
Tue September 16, 2014

We Walk The Line: What It Means To Live In A City On A State Line

This 1866 map shows the division between Kansas and Missouri at a time when western Kansas was still largely unknown to the map-makers.
Credit Johnson, A. J., Johnson's New Illustrated Family Atlas, (1864 Johnson and Ward edition) / public domain

Bistate tax proposals. Sports rivalries. Competing school districts and business poaching. So much of what happens in Kansas City comes down to our location on a state line. But we're not alone. Tune in for a roundtable of reporters from cities on state lines. 


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Central Standard
2:52 pm
Mon June 30, 2014

Kansas City's Esther Honig Investigates Photoshop, Gains International Attention

Esther Honig sent a portrait of herself to Photoshop professionals worldwide. Here is a Sri Lankan designer's adaptation of the portrait.
Credit Esther Honig, Before and After

A young Kansas City journalist named Esther Honig, who contributes to KCUR, had an idea for a project.

She sent a simple, straightforward portrait of herself to Photoshoppers around the globe with a request to make her beautiful. She wanted to see what that would mean to people in different parts of the world, investigating how culturally specific definitions of beauty might play into the results.

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Up To Date
11:26 am
Wed April 16, 2014

The Disappearance of Investigative Journalism

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Dean Starkman joins host Steve Kraske to talk about the disappearance of investigative journalism in American media.

Following the 2008 financial meltdown, many were left asking, "where were the journalists at?" 

On the second half of Wednesday's Up to Date, host Steve Kraske discusses the lack of investigative journalism in recent years with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Dean Starkman


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Up to Date
11:00 am
Mon April 7, 2014

In The Trenches Of The White House Press Corps

Tamara Keith and Margaret Talev both cover the White House.

You’re in Washington, and you’ve got the plum assignment—covering the White House. You might get to ride on Air Force One and travel the world with the president, but is it really as glamorous as it sounds?

On Monday's Up to Date, we talk with NPR’s Tamara Keith and Bloomberg’s Margaret Talev about their experiences as White House correspondents. We discuss the challenges and the excitement of reporting on the president, and what it’s like to be in that briefing room.


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4:16 pm
Thu January 23, 2014

I Can’t Tweet Honestly Because I’m ‘Afraid I Might Get Fired’

This painting of a Twitter logo by Ashley Raletz, the sister of KCUR Social Media Producer Alyson Raletz, sits on her desk in the station's newsroom.
Credit Alyson Raletz/KCUR

 The line between individual social media activity and employment status isn’t a clear one, according to feedback we received this week from listeners.

When we asked “Should your boss be able to fire you for what you tweet?” on the air and online, the responses showed the issue of social media and the workplace as a divisive one in Kansas City.  

We received many emphatic yeses, citing personal responsibility.

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Up to Date
10:46 am
Fri December 6, 2013

DVD Gurus: Reporters On Film

Ace in the Hole is one of the DVD Guru's favorite films about reporters.

From a manufactured media circus, to a desperate game of cat-and-mouse with a serial killer, Hollywood sure knows how to romanticize journalism.

On Friday's Up to Date, DVD Gurus Mitch Brian and Jason Heck join us to talk about some of their favorite films that feature reporters. We'll dive into some thrilling vampire conspiracies, reports gone wrong, and others that are sure to set off the investigator in everyone.

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Up to Date
11:03 am
Tue November 19, 2013

Politics And Prose: Bob Woodward

Journalist Bob Woodward joins Steve Kraske to talk politics on Up to Date.

He's famous for his work in the Washington Post exposing the Watergate scandal, and journalist Bob Woodward is still addressing contentious issues. 

In the second part of Tuesday's Up to Date, we get his views on the Affordable Care Act and how Washington works today. 


Bob Woodward, journalist. His latest book is The Price of Politics.

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Up to Date
10:18 am
Tue August 14, 2012

John Hockenberry: Disability, War Reporting, & The Takeaway

John Hockenberry, co-host of "The Takeaway"

John Hockenberry is the holder of four Emmy awards, four Peabody awards and a whole lot of distinction for his reporting over the years in places as far-flung as Somalia, Iraq, Lebanon, Jerusalem and Tehran. 

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