How JFK's Death Changed The Secret Service

Dec 9, 2013

The shock of the Kennedy assassination stunned the nation, but it also sparked a massive review of how the Secret Service operated.

In the first part of Monday's Up to Date, we talk with Clint Hill, the Secret Service agent who protected Jackie Kennedy in Dallas and beyond, about his role that day and how it changed him and the agency watching out for the president.


The Assassination Of JFK, 50 Years Later

Nov 21, 2013
Victor Hugo King / Wikimedia Commons

If you were old enough to understand, chances are you remember what you were doing 50 years ago when you heard President John F. Kennedy had been shot.

On Friday's Up to Date, we look back at the assassination of JFK through the lens of the Secret Service, doctors at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas and a few of the ever-popular conspiracy theories.



When John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, the Zapruder film provided investigators with key evidence of the shooting. Fifty years later, crime scene investigation has evolved into a complex science, and now, with smartphones, and other mobile devices, video footage of events is readily available to assist investigators in solving crimes.

The Film That Shaped America's JFK Memories

Nov 12, 2013

The silently haunting images of the Zapruder film captured the moment John F. Kennedy was shot during that famous Dallas parade in 1963. Those images have become part of the mythology that surrounds the event, both for the conspiracy theorists and others. 

On Wednesday's Up to Date, we talk with historian Max Holland, who has analyzed the effect of the film on how the American people understand the 50-year-old assassination.


John F. Kennedy was no King Arthur, but his life has often been compared to Camelot.

On Monday's Up to Date, we revisit Steve’s Bookshelf, a collection of books on Steve Kraske's radar right now. We talk with Thurston Clarke and Robert Dallek the authors of two different books that examine the former president’s policies. Also, author Domingo Martinez takes us into the life of a family trying to become “real” Americans on the Texas border.