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10:00 am
Wed October 22, 2014

In Wake Of Angel Hooper Shooting, The Community's Role In Decreasing Violence

Angel Hooper died last week after being shot in a drive-by.

As Kansas City prepared for the spotlight of the World Series, a little girl stepped out of a local convenience store. A car drove by, someone fired shots, and in seconds, six-year old Angel Hooper was dead. In the days since her murder, the Kansas City Police Department has received only two tips in its investigation.

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1:13 pm
Tue September 9, 2014

Mayor, Prosecutor Say Proposed Gun Law Changes Bad For Kansas City

Kansas City, Mo., Mayor Sly James talks to gun control advocates before urging lawmakers to sustain Gov. Jay Nixon's veto on gun legislation.
Credit Elle Moxley / KCUR

Kansas City, Mo., Mayor Sly James and other city officials gathered near 44th Street and Montgall Avenue Tuesday morning to blast gun legislation state lawmakers will consider in Jefferson City on Wednesday.

Missouri legislators already approved a package of gun law changes that would let 19-year-olds obtain concealed carry permits, bar cities from enacting open carry ordinances and allow school districts to arm designated classroom teachers.

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Beyond Our Borders
7:39 am
Wed June 18, 2014

KC Anti-Crime Leader Says The Black Church Needs New Message For Grieving Teens

Anti-crime activist and minister Alvin Brooks at a recent meeting on how the church can better serve siblings of murder victims.
Credit Peggy Lowe / KCUR

The homicide epidemic among young black men on Kansas City’s east side is leaving a generation of grieving teens in its wake, and some in the crime-fighting community feel black churches need to change their message to better help these young people deal with their loss.

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4:02 pm
Mon April 14, 2014

Coping With Targeted Violence In The Aftermath Of Shootings In Overland Park

Outside of Village Shalom in Overland Park, Kan. on Sunday after the shooting.
Credit Laura Ziegler / KCUR

The day after a harrowing series of shootings at the Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom, Central Standard convenes community leaders to take the first steps toward healing and understanding. Do we find answers in spirituality? Ethics? Shared humanity and friendship? Tune in for this half-hour segment to hear how Kansas City's communities are responding to a tragic act of targeted violence.


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7:49 am
Mon April 14, 2014

Shootings At Johnson County Jewish Facilities Have Global Impact

Shootings took place on Sunday at the Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom retirement home (pictured) in Overland Park, Kan.
Credit Laura Spencer / KCUR

Shootings at the Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom retirement home in Overland Park, Kan. became international news overnight as new details about the tragedy emerged.

Authorities have been learning about the racist and anti-Semitic ideology of the suspect, Frazier Glenn Cross Jr., who hate-group trackers have been following for years.

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4:02 pm
Sun April 13, 2014

UPDATED: Victims, Suspect Identified In Overland Park Shootings

On Monday, police tape was still wrapped around a parking lot at Village Shalom in Overland Park, Kan. to keep visitors out of the crime scene.
Credit Laura Spencer / KCUR

Updated 10:47 a.m.:

Frazier Glenn Cross, the suspect in Sunday's shootings, is being held at the Johnson County Detention Center without bond. Kristi Bergeron, of the District Attorney's Office in Johnson County said he will not be arraigned Monday.

He will face both federal and state charges.

Updated 10:36 a.m.:

The Children's Center for the Visually Impaired released this statement:

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