English-Only Issue On The Ballot In Missouri

Oct 27, 2008

St. Louis, MO – It's a safe bet your local city leaders already speak and write in English when hammering out budgets, issuing liquor licenses and approving development plans.

But on Election Day, Missouri voters will be asked to change the state Constitution to make sure things stay that way.

For more information about 2008 ballot measures in Missouri, check here.

Kansas City, MO – In Tuesday's election, Kansas City voters will be asked to approve a three-eighths cent sales tax to build a new light rail system. City planners are calling it a starter route: 14 miles from Vivion Road to East 63rd street. North Kansas City voters face a similar question - they'll be asked to pitch in a half-cent tax. KC Currents' Sylvia Maria Gross looks into some of the arguments for and against this light rail plan, and starts out in the Northland.

KansasCity, MO – From Up to Date with Steve Kraske, October 27, 2008

Missouri Ballot Issues: Proposition C

Oct 24, 2008

St. Louis, MO – More than 25 states require that a portion of electricity comes from renewable sources, like wind, solar, biomass, and water.

On election day, Missouri voters will decide whether their state should have such a requirement too.

If Proposition C passes, the state's largest utilities will have to get at least 15 percent of their electricity from renewable resources by 2021.

As KWMU's Maria Hickey reports, supporters based the measure on a similar referendum in Colorado.

St. Louis, MO – Fraud, long-lines and too few ballots are among the concerns Missouri elections officials face less than two weeks from the November 4 vote.

With new voter registration nearing an all-time-high, 2008 will mark the first test of Missouri's new statewide registration database and electronic voting machines in a presidential election.

From St. Louis, Adam Allington has more.

Video frame courtesty KCCG, Channel 2.

Kansas City, MO – Finance and Audit chair Deb Herman worked with colleague Jan Marcason to produce a budget for next year that was more in keeping with projected revenues. But after hearing yesterday's report on fiscal year 2007, she doesn't think they went far enough.

"I still need to do some more studying of it," she said, "but so far there's red lights flashing all over it."

Frank Morris

Belton, MO – A crowd of about 6-thousand arrayed on a Baptist school football field cheered Senator McCain's pledge to end the Iraq war in victory. Then McCain echoed Obama's running mate, Senator Joe Biden, who recently predicted that Obama would face an international crisis early in his term, if he's elected president.

We don't want a president who invites texting from the world at a time when our economy is in crisis and Americans are already fighting in two wars.

KCUR photo by Dan Verbeck

St. Joseph, Mo. – Standing side by side in debate for first time of the campaign, candidates for Missouri's 6th congressional district sparred in St. Joseph, less than three weeks before election day. KCUR's Dan Verbeck was there to report:

Kansas City, MO – During this hour, hear about specific debate techniques employed by the candidates. Find out the ways in which political debates differ from academic debates, and listen to local pros weigh in on whether presidential debates should be considered debates at all.

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Kansas City, MO – Like local governments around the country, Kansas City relies on municipal bonds to finance major projects, like improvements to its water and sewer system. And with the current credit freeze, the city's waiting for a better market to issue 200 million dollars worth of water bonds. And after that, it needs to borrow 80 million more for urgent sewer upgrades. As KC Currents' Sylvia Maria Gross reports, there are parts of the city which been waiting a long time for basic services.

Council Approves Defense Plant Plan

Oct 16, 2008
Rendering courtesy Planned Industrial Expansion Authority.

Kansas City, MO – First-stage plans for a new $500 million plant to build non-nuclear parts for America's nuclear weapons cleared the Kansas City city council Thursday afternoon.

The facility, in the Richards-Gebaur area, would replace the Honeywell plant on Bannister road, which the government is abandoning as outmoded. Terry Riley, whose Planning and Zoning committee advanced the measure yesterday said a vote against the plant won't stop the nation from making nuclear weapons, but a vote for it can do a lot for Kansas City.

Defense Plant Plan Sent To Full Council

Oct 15, 2008
Photo courtesy of KCCG, Channel 2.

Kansas City, MO – For the second week in a row, opponents outnumbered supporters yesterday at city council hearings on building a new $500 million defense plant to replace one on Bannister Road that is to be closed.

Kansas City, MO – Opponents to Kansas City's light rail proposal filed a lawsuit against the city council today. The suit alleges the council violated the city charter by rushing the issue onto the ballot for the November election. KCUR's Sylvia Maria Gross reports.

Committee for Sensible Transit member Patrick Tuohey filed the lawsuit. He says the city council called the light rail proposal an emergency measure in order to rush it onto the ballot.

Nixon, Hulshof Differ On Urban Education

Oct 13, 2008
KCUR photo.

Kansas City, MO – Both Democrat for Governor Jay Nixon and Republican Kenny Hulshof would create more Missouri college scholarships. But Republican Hulshof also proposes making scholarships available for students in the troubled Kansas City and St. Louis school districts. Democrat Nixon says these scholarships amount to vouchers that would drain off precious dollars from the districts.

KCUR Hosts Missouri Gubernatorial Debate

Oct 9, 2008

KansasCity, MO – With so much attention focused on the nation's top political race, the contest for the next leader of Missouri has taken an unwarranted back seat.

But on Thursday, Oct 9, Up to Date turned its focus to the Missouri governor's race as it hosts the second of four debates between Democratic Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon and his Republican opponent U.S. Rep. Kenny Hulshof (MO-9) of Columbia, Missouri.

Biden Thunders At GOP: Attack Ads On Point

Oct 9, 2008
KCUR photo by Dan Verbeck

Kansas City, MO – There's bound to be more uproar about irregularities in voter registration cards turned in in Kansas City by the ACORN organization. The Jackson County election board had remained silent, though disgusted with the 900 or more dubious registrants until they got a call from Fox News, according to Bob Nichols of the election board.

Kansas City, MO – Kansas U.S. Senate Candidates

Jim Slattery had little trouble winning the Kansas Democratic Senate nomination but his race against incumbent Republican Senator Pat Roberts has been an uphill battle. The latest Rasmussen Reports poll shows Roberts with a substantial lead over the former U.S. Representative.

Kansas City, MO – With the economic crisis and the war in Iraq on people's minds, the issue of education often gets put on the back burner. It has barely been mentioned in the presidential debates so far.

The country's largest teacher's union, the National Education Association, is trying to make sure public education is not overlooked, and that the votes of teachers are not taken for granted by either party.

St. Louis, MO – As those November elections draw near, victory in close races often hinges on the traction of third party candidates. In past elections, third parties such as the Green Party or the Libertarian Party have siphoned votes away from both Republicans and Democrats. Now enter the Constitution Party. The Constitution Party is one of the United States' fastest growing third parties, and they have a full slate of candidates on the ticket in Missouri. KWMU's Adam Allington has more.

Race And The Presidential Election

Oct 6, 2008
Photo illustration by Noah Musser, The Kansas City Star

Kansas City, MO – Race and the Presidential Election

He's already made history, securing the Democratic Party's nomination for President of the United States. But does Barack Obama need to worry about the color of his skin, or have American's gotten beyond choosing (or not choosing) a candidate based on race?

Kansas City, Missouri – A number of studies are looking at voting patterns in the suburbs, but one in particular identifies suburbs in the Missouri counties of Platte, Clay, and Clinton as places the candidates might pay special attention to. A study scheduled to be released next week by the Metropolitan Institute at Virginia Tech looks at so-called "emerging" suburbs, or those that have evolved in rings outside of cities.Laura Ziegler looked into the report's findings.

How Did The VP Candidates Do?

Oct 3, 2008

Kansas City, MO – So, how'd they do?

The debate between vice presidential candidates Sen. Joe Biden (D) and Gov. Sarah Palin (R) is now over, but the reaction continues.

In the first half of October 3, 2008 edition of Up to Date, we provided listeners a chance to tell us how the candidates did at Washington University in St. Louis.

Join the discussion.

Council Updates Child Restraints Ordinance

Oct 3, 2008
Photo courtesy of

Kansas City, MO – The Kansas City council updated the city's child-restraint ordinance yesterday, making it match the Missouri state statute.

The altered law specifies that chldren under 4 should be in safety seats unless they weigh over 40 pounds - from then till 8 years old, a booster seat is required till the child weighs 80 pounds. Seat belts are mandated from that benchmark till age 16 or a height of 4-9. There is a soccer mom exemption for cases in which there are more kids in the car than there are seat belts.

Meeting Payrolls Concern McCain Boosters

Oct 2, 2008

Independence, MO – To a woman who runs a small business in Blue Springs,Missouri, John McCain offers hope that the economy can turn around and bring customers back to her family-oriented gymnasium. The GOP Presidential candidate spoke to those issues at the Truman Library in Independence October first. KCUR's Dan Verbeck filed a report.

Independence, MO – Republican Presidential Candidate, John McCain, campaigned in Missouri today. He spoke about the nation's economy this morning at the Truman Presidential Library in Independence. KCUR's Frank Morris reports from there.

Michelle Obama is also in the area today. She's hosting a rally for her husband, Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama, this evening at the 18th and vine jazz district.

Independence, MO – Republican presidential candidate John McCain discussed the current financial crisis Tuesday during his visit to the Truman Presidential Library in Independence, Missouri.

KCUR provided live coverage of the 19-minute speech where McCain urged Congress to pass the bail-out package.

McCain Cautions: Senate Bailout Bill A Must

Oct 1, 2008
KCUR photo by Dan Verbeck

Independence, MO – John McCain invoked the spirit of Harry Truman at the Truman Presidential Library in Independence Missouri. He spoke on the economy and appeared to leave flex room on his earlier call for a one year federal spending freeze.