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Kansas City, MO – On the deadline day, Kansas City, Missouri has a budget designed to meet an $87 million shortfall... basically the same one the finance committee endorsed a week earlier.

Mayor Mark Funkhouser tried twice to persuade the council to restore some funding to youth and violence prevention programs and especially to the police department despite Councilwoman Jan Marcason's assurances that the number of officers on the street will not be reduced.

Council Advances MAST Takeover, Dress Code

Mar 26, 2009

Kansas City, MO – The idea of making MAST a city department was endorsed last week by a study group that included the present and past Medical Directors of Kansas City emergency efforts and City Hall's top financial heads.

City Moves Toward MAST Takeover

Mar 20, 2009
Photo courtesy of Metropolitan Ambulance Services Trust.

Kansas City, MO –
After several years of debate, the city council has started mapping a new future for Kansas City's ambulance service. MAST won't stay an independent organization, but it won't become part of the fire department, either.

Council Committee Advances Budget Plan

Mar 19, 2009
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Kansas City, MO – The Kansas City Council's Finance and Audit Committee has advanced the council's version of the city budget and recommended that the full council pass it next Tursday. But the debate isn't over yet. KCUR's Steve Bell reports.

KCUR photo by dan verbeck

Kansas City, Mo. – One question mark has been cleared in the March second death of a 7 year old boy when he was hit by a Kansas City Fire Department pumper. The question is about sirens. Others remain. Dan Verbeck reports.

Council Hears Benefits Plan, Buys Time On Budget

Mar 13, 2009
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Kansas City, MO – The Kansas City city council had hoped to have a finished budget ordinance, but didn't accomplish that. On the day the council had hoped to put figures on the table, it heard a report on an employee benefit package that was both a victory and a disappointment.

Budget Director Troy Schulte and others had hoped to self-insure city workers at substantial savings. Turnaround time was to short for self-insurance, but Schulte told how a committee avoided a 12 percent cost increase current providers were going to charge.

Mayor's Budget Spares Police, Cuts Stadiums

Mar 6, 2009
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Kansas City, MO – Two weeks later than the council would have preferred, Mayor Mark Funkhouser submitted his budget suggestions for the coming year on Thursday. No one commented or asked questions as the mayor delivered his budget memo, which makes about $20 million worth of adjustments in the budget that was proposed by the city manager.

Kansas City, MO – Fort Leavenworth is famous for its prison, but the Army is much more proud of the Command and General Staff College there. They call it the "Intellectual Center of the Army," a kind of grad school for mid-level officers. The college honored one its graduates Thursday, February 26. The ceremony highlights the school's diplomatic role one that may be key to winning the war in Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan. KCUR's Frank Morris reports.

Council Takes Aim At Cordish Dress Code

Feb 26, 2009
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Kansas City, MO – The two-year battle over the dress code at the Power and Light District continued yesterday, as a city council committee heard public testimony on a proposed tougher ordinance on what a dress code may not prohibit. The one at Power and Light bans athletic attire and garb associated with the Hip-Hop culture. Developer the Cordish Company says it is just about clothes. But the ACLU's Lisa Watson said it's really about who gets excluded for wearing the clothes.

Funkhouser Rejects Cauthen Budget

Feb 13, 2009
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At the Kansas City city council's business session Thursday, the mayor was disappointed with the budget, the council was disappointed with the mayor and solving the city's revenue shortfall was still at a standstill.

Short Meeting A Slap At Cauthen

Feb 4, 2009
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Kansas City, MO – The Kansas City city council may have had the shortest committee meeting ever this week.

At last week's Finance and Audit meeting council members blasted City Manager Wayne Cauthen's two-weeks-in-a row avoidance of coming in to discuss the budget. Beth Gottstein even sent a messsage, telling a Cauthen aide: "I made a point to be on time this morning and I hope that he will make an equal effort to be on time next week."

Nixon In KC: Battling Jobs Loss

Jan 29, 2009
kcur photo by dan verbeck\">

Cauthen Faulted For Millions Of Shortfall

Jan 22, 2009
Photo by Steve Bell.\">\">\">

Kansas City, MO – There were hot words and hot water for City Manager Wayne Cauthen at this morning's meeting of the council Finance and Audit Committee. Budget director Troy Shulte presented the group with the latest estimate of the city's revenue shortfall for the current budget year - $11.6 million. And city CFO Jeffrey Yates was on hand to review current figures on departmental expenditures to date.

Trade Offer: Static Tuition For Funding Freeze

Jan 21, 2009
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Praise Of Bond Given, Received

Jan 9, 2009
kcur photo by Dan Verbeck

Kansas City, Mo. –

Listening Post: I-70 Impact Study Weighed

Jan 7, 2009
KCUR photo by Dan Verbeck\">\">

Kansas City, Mo. – Missouri highway planners and engineers are starting to learn the impact of what might be the first real modernization of Interstate 70 through Kansas City.

The proposed project will become reality only if funding becomes available. KCUR's Dan Verbeck listened at the first public hearing and filed this account.

Missouri highway planners and engineers are starting to learn the impact of what might be the first real modernization of Interstate 70 through Kansas City, if money is available.

Kansas City, MO – The job came open because Lynn Jenkins, the current State Treasurer, is heading for congress. She defeated Nancy Boyda, to represent Kansas' second district. Kathleen Sebelius, the governor, appointed representative McKinney. The treasures office oversees the state budget, and McKinney says he'll use his new position to push for a surge in public works projects.

Kansas City, MO – Several area residents are heeding president-elect Barack Obama's call for health policy recommendations. KCUR's Elana Gordon has more.

KC Budget Crafting: Anything But Ho-Hum

Dec 23, 2008
kcur photo by Dan Verbeck

Kansas City, Mo. – Kansas City's 2009 budget sweepstakes are underway. Dozens of community leaders are drawn in this time as the mayor looks for concensus.

This was all very representative of opinion. The city bought a consultant's report and the consultant asked everyone in the room to vote, electronically, on what are most important functions of the government.

KC Fishing For Federal Funds

Dec 16, 2008
kcur photo by Dan Verbeck

Kansas City, Mo. – The Kansas City Mayor, his advisers, members of the city council and civic forces are starting to plot the way out of a projected 80 to 90 million dollar short-fund next year.

It's clearly important to be close to the front of the line when cities start asking the Obama administration for funds. So, the plan is to find projects suitable for long term economic recovery.

Kansas City, MO – Former Mark Funkhouser aide Joe Miller says he may have violated state ethics and open records laws while working in the mayor's office. On KCUR's Up to Date, Miller said the mayor held back an e-mail from a Freedom of Information Request, and that as a mayor's office employee he should not have been a campaign event organizer in the Light Rail campaign. As a result of these assignments and policies of the mayor, Miller says he felt "afwfu," as though he was "headed down the wrong path."

Kansas City, MO – Missouri Transportation officials don't take a public stance on Santa Claus, but they're hoping an economic stimulus package being pushed by the President elect could be the next best thing.

RAHN: "Missouri has put together it's wish list and instead of sending it to the North Pole, we're sending it to Washington."

That's Missouri transportation director Pete Rahn. As KCUR's Maria Carter reports Missouri is hoping for an economic stimulus miracle after the holiday season.

- - - - -

Council Rejects Funkhouser 'Mammygate' Solution

Dec 5, 2008
Video Frame courtesy of KCCG, Channel 2.

Kansas City, MO – Fireworks erupted again in yesterday's city council meeting over the so-called "Mammygate" lawsuit filed by a city employee over alleged remarks by the mayor's wife.

Forty minutes into an otherwise routine council meeting, Mayor Funkhouser announced that outside attorneys hired to defend him and his wife had come up with a settlement of the suit against the city and the council. The council could pay the plaintiff $135,000... and approve about another $40,000 in attorney's fees.

Kansas City Shortfall Estimate Still Climbing

Dec 4, 2008
Video frame courtesy of KCCG, Channel 2.

Kansas City, MO – The Kansas City, Missouri city council began to grapple with the city's projected revenue shortfall this week. Budget chair Deb Herman explained how serious the current forecast is.

Herman says of the $490 million that went into the general fund last year, $315 million went to the police and fire departments, leaving $175 million for everything else. She emphasized: "Everything that comes out of this building, really, comes out of $175 million," noting that the still growing shortfall presiction for next year is $89.3 million.

Kansas City, MO – It's been a tough couple of weeks for Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser. Bills are skyrocketing, while citizen satisfaction scores are dropping. The light rail proposal, which the mayor campaigned intensely for, failed at the ballot box. And, the Kansas City Star officially retracted its endorsement of the mayor last weekend. KC Currents' Susan Wilson caught up with the mayor , and asked him where he thinks the city is heading.

Jack Sprat Budget Trimmed Out For Jackson County

Nov 13, 2008
kcur photo by Dan Verbeck

Kansas City, Mo. – Without mention of job cuts, without a word of reduced services, the Jackson County Missouri Executive has presented his spending plan for 2009.

Right On The Mark:Missouri Record Vote

Nov 6, 2008
Photo by Dan Verbeck, KCUR news

Kansas City, Mo. – In post election decompression, Missouri's secretary of state confirms what was assumed on Tuesday: a record voter volume, and more. KCUR's Dan Verbeck reports:

Kansas City, MO – Missouri 5th District Congressman Emanuel Cleaver gave a fiery, impromptu speech to the election night crowd at the Midland Theater in Kansas City as he announced Senator John McCain's concession.

Graves Retains Hold On Missouri Sixth

Nov 5, 2008
KCUR photo by Dan Verbeck

Kansas City, Mo. – When more than half the vote was reported, Sam Graves declared victory over Democratic challenger Kay Barnes to hold Missouri's Sixth Congressional district seat. KCUR's Dan Verbeck reports.