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Kansas City, MO – Kansas City voters weighed in against the most recent proposal for a light rail system yesterday. 56 percent turned the starter route, running from Vivion Road to east 63rd.

The verdict was consistent with seven previous elections in the past 11 year - the majority of Kansas Citians have not been interested in light rail. Two years ago, voters approved a plan for a starter route of 27 miles. But the city council repealed the measure, and crafted a 14-mile proposal for voters.

Kansas City, MO – There were several hundred hard core Democrats at the Midland Theater last night. Ecstatic, would be a pretty good word to describe them.

But heady as President Elect Obama's victory was and as much as they relished the gains in the Senate and House, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, fresh off his own very convincing win, says the Democratic government about to take over had better not get too cocky.

Exercise In Patience: Rough Edges To Voting

Nov 4, 2008

Platte City, MO – Voter confusion is more magnified in big cities, but just as perplexing in suburban Platte County. KCUR's Dan Verbeck was at the election commission office on Tuesday and filed this report.

On the phone, election staff members are directing callers, helping them to polls that are a mystery to them, when Julie Ash walks in. Ash has been driving poll to poll, where she can't vote,

Kansas City, MO – Federal officials are investigating text messages and robo calls encouraging Missouri voters to vote tomorrow.

Complaints started coming in from around the state this morning. They were short text messages and automated calls, some attributed to CNN, with the same message: "Because of delays, Obama supporters are advised to vote Wednesday."

Kansas City, MO – Lines at polling places on both sides of the state line formed well before dawn, with voters showing up in the dark with chairs, books and plenty of coffee.

Kansas City, MO – An election snafu stalled voting for hours in central Kansas City, Missouri this morning.

Thousands of voters in Kansas City lined up well before 6 this morning. But when the polls opened at several sites in the central part of the city, election workers had bad news: The wrong voter registration books had been delivered.

Jason Semour says he's voted at the same location for 12 years, and never seen delays. This morning, Semour says he waited, with about 200 others, for two hours until workers finally delivered the right voter registration book.

Johnson County, Kansas – So far in Johnson County things are running smoothly. KCUR's Laura Ziegler reports.

Kansas City, MO – If anything goes seriously wrong with the election in Kansas City, the 'fixers' are mostly all together in one place. KCUR's Dan Verbeck has been there and has a report.

It looks almost like a movie set. The election board, police, fire, ambulance services have a cavernous room on the old Northeast side, converted into the city's emergency operations center; the word emergency' is removed for now. It's normally reserved for tornado, flood and mass injury.

Kansas City, MO – The state of Missouri doesn't allow advance voting, like in Kansas. But election officials in Missouri this year are reporting a 40 percent increase in absentee voting. And hundreds lined up at absentee voting locations on Monday as KCUR's Laura Spencer reports.

Kansas City, MO – There were long lines at polling places throughout the Kansas City area Tuesday morning. KCUR's Sylvia Maria Gross stopped by a couple of precincts in midtown to hear what people were talking about as they waited.

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Lee's Summit, Missouri – Senator Joe Biden says the Republicans are out of touch, and waging a nasty campaign against Senator Obama. The Democratic Vice Presidential nominee was in Lee's Summit, Missouri on Monday morning.

Senator Biden needled Senator John McCain for supporting President Bush on taxes, regulation and other fiscal policy. He called McCain a sidekick, not a maverick. Biden then accused the McCain/Palin campaign of taking on an overly negative tone, that he says has undercut prospects to reunite the country after tomorrow.

Frank Morris

Lee's Summitt – Senator Biden needled Senator John McCain for supporting President Bush on taxes, regulation and other fiscal policy. He called McCain a sidekick, not a maverick. Biden then accused the McCain/Palin campaign of taking on an overly negative tone, that he says has undercut prospects to reunite the country after tomorrow.

Kansas City, MO – Pundits are saying turnout in the African American community will play a decisive factor in the presidential election, and will certainly influence state and local races here in Kansas and Missouri. One of the oldest black political clubs in the nation is here in Kansas City. That's Freedom Incorporated. Just this week, KCUR's Susan Wilson caught up with Freedom's president Craig Bland, who's also a state rep in Missouri. She asked Representative Bland how Freedom is gearing up for Tuesday's election.

Johnson County, Kansas – Should voters in Johnson County elect their judges, or keep a system by which a commission of seven lawyers and seven non-lawyers nominate judges for the Governor to appoint?Should voters approve a one-eighth cent sales tax for an "education and research triangle?" The projected 15 million dollars in annual revenue would fund three Johnson County facilities: the KU Edwards Campus, K-State's National Food Safety and Health Institute in Olathe, and the Cancer Clinical Research Center in Fairway.

Photo by Dan Verbeck / KCUR.

Kansas City, MO – It's been an intense political season, enough to blow away some seasoned political reporters, like Up to Date's Steve Kraske, who last week declared, "I think this whole thing has been a dream." So the KC Currents team imagined what that dream might sound like . . .


Columbia, MO – As part of his final push, Barack Obama stopped in Columbia, Missouri on Thursday night. KBIA's Maureen McCollum has more.

McCain Econ Navigator Charts KC Home Waters

Oct 31, 2008
KCUR photo by Dan Verbeck

Graves And Barnes Battle For Missouri's Sixth

Oct 31, 2008
Photo by St Jos. News Press

Kansas City, MO – Family and corporate farming fill most of Missouri's Sixth Congressional district. Voters have traditionally been conservative, choosing whether to send a Democrat or Republican to Washington.

The makeup has a bit of urban and it's generally St. Joseph and North Kansas City. There's also a touch of suburbia.

But when you think of Missouri's Sixth, you think "northwest"...rolling fields of corn and soybeans.

KCUR's Dan Verbeck has this report.

St. Louis, MO – Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden was in Arnold, Missouri on Thursday in another busy political day for Missouri. K-W-M-U's Rachel Lippmann reports.

Biden's rally is one of three the presidential campaigns happening today. Sarah Palin spoke in Cape Girardeau about an hour and a half before Biden took the stage. And Barack Obama will be in Columbia tonight

Cape Girardeau, MO – As the Presidential campaign comes to a close, candidates have been paying close attention to Missouri. This morning, Sarah Palin swung by Cape Girardeau to rally support for John McCain. KRCU's Jacob McCleland has this report.

Republican Party faithful waited for hours in 30 degree temperatures this morning to hear from Sarah Palin. The Alaska Governor filled the Show-Me Center not only with spectators but also with a rock concert atmosphere.

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St. Louis, MO – Within weeks of Matt Blunt's decision to not seek a second term as Missouri governor, many Republican leaders began lining up behind Kenny Hulshof as the candidate most likely to beat Democrat Jay Nixon. But the Ninth District U.S. Congressman trails Nixon in the polls, with less than a week to go till Election Day. KWMU's Marshall Griffin takes a closer look at the GOP nominee.

St. Louis, MO – Even as Missourians have vacillated between the major parties in recent state and national elections, one thing has stayed the same: voters here have elected a Democrat to the office of state attorney general four times in the last 16 years. And it has been the same Democrat: Jay Nixon.

Now Nixon hopes to ride that wave of popularity into the governor's mansion. KWMU's Matt Sepic has this profile.

Kansas City, MO – The presidential race is as close, if not closer in Missouri than anywhere else in the country. The difference here will be in the ground game.

Missouri Democrats say they're about to launch the most massive get out the vote effort the state has ever witnessed. Republicans say, "Bring it on."

KCUR's Frank Morris reports.

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Kansas City, MO – Mayor Mark Funkhouser and light rail proponents gathered at 63rd and Prospect yesterday to promote the plan's economic benefits.

Two of the four corners at the southern terminus of the proposed light rail route are vacant lots. There is a nice new drugstore on the third. The fourth holds an aging gas station with not much traffic. Mayor Mark Funkhouser said that would change - that light rail will bring a new 55-acre village-style retail development to one of those now vacant properties.

No Record, But Nearly: Take A Book To The Polls

Oct 28, 2008
KCUR photo by Dan Verbeck

Kansas City, Mo. – More than three-fourths of Missouri voters are expected to cast ballots in next week's general election.

AG Race In Missouri

Oct 28, 2008

St. Louis, MO – The political spotlight in Missouri has focused mostly on a close presidential race and a contentious battle for the governor's office.

The attorney general's race has been keeping a lower profile. But it's the first contest for that office in 16 years that doesn't include Democrat Jay Nixon, who's running for governor against Republican Kenny Hulshof. And the attorney general candidates are two former legislators who once sat on the same side of the aisle in Jefferson City.

KWMU's Rachel Lippmann reports.

English-Only Issue On The Ballot In Missouri

Oct 27, 2008

St. Louis, MO – It's a safe bet your local city leaders already speak and write in English when hammering out budgets, issuing liquor licenses and approving development plans.

But on Election Day, Missouri voters will be asked to change the state Constitution to make sure things stay that way.

For more information about 2008 ballot measures in Missouri, check here.

Kansas City, MO – In Tuesday's election, Kansas City voters will be asked to approve a three-eighths cent sales tax to build a new light rail system. City planners are calling it a starter route: 14 miles from Vivion Road to East 63rd street. North Kansas City voters face a similar question - they'll be asked to pitch in a half-cent tax. KC Currents' Sylvia Maria Gross looks into some of the arguments for and against this light rail plan, and starts out in the Northland.

KansasCity, MO – From Up to Date with Steve Kraske, October 27, 2008