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First Lady of the United States

As we're in the midst of another election season, we hear a lot about how each candidate seems "presidential." What does that word mean, and what does it say about us? An editor who publishes books about the presidency shares his thoughts.


She's been written about as an afterthought to her husband's presidency, but Lady Bird Johnson was a true political partner to Lyndon Johnson. Author Betty Boyd Caroli discusses Lady Bird's marriage to one of the most mercurial presidents this country has ever known.

From her upbringing in the segregated south side of Chicago to her life in White House, Michelle Obama’s is a noteworthy journey. On this edition of Up To Date, we explore the First Lady's experiences with Peter Slevin, author of her latest unauthorized biography, Michelle Obama: A Life.

Did you know that Eleanor Roosevelt traveled around the country on state business more than her husband? Or that Dolly Madison liked to break the Washington gridlock by throwing fantastic parties? First ladies are closer than anyone to the presidency, and they have the stories to prove it. 


An Unconventional First Lady

Jun 4, 2013

Thomas Jefferson's eldest and favorite daughter, Martha Jefferson Randolph, would often assume the role of First Lady after her mother died.

Past Meets Present In The Adams Family

Apr 3, 2013

It's easy to forget that the big names of history still have living relatives today.

By her own admission, Michelle Obama is first and foremost a mother.  However, as the first African-American First Lady of the United States, history is sure to see her as more, advocate and champion included.