Central Standard
1:04 pm
Thu April 17, 2014

Passionate Sustainability Advocate Vandana Shiva Visits Kansas City

Dr. Vandana Shiva stops by KCUR to talk about the value of diversity in culture and in agriculture.
Credit Photo by Kartaka Shiva, courtesy Cultivate KC

Dr. Vandana Shiva sees issues of diversity playing out in our societies as well as in our grocery stores and on our dinner plates. Central Standard visits with this prolific author and global environmental activist about her unique blend of science and philosophy in which feminism, economic theory, quantum physics and agricultural history combine to create a compelling world view.

Dr. Shiva stops by the studio to explain her perspective and to tell her personal story. 

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Central Standard
9:12 am
Wed October 10, 2012

Building A Sustainable Community

Bridging the Gap

It's a lesson in energy conservation and resource sustainability for anyone and everyone.

First up on Wednesday’s Central Standard, we'll discuss some local efforts to help the environment. Plus, hear some tips and tricks for incorporating green habits into our daily lives.

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Up to Date
5:24 pm
Mon June 25, 2012

The Man Who Planted Trees

Holmboe Conifer Forest, Wisconsin State Natural Area #79
wackybadger Flickr

Once upon a time, among the iconic scenes of the West were mountains covered with green, fragrant pine trees.  Nowadays, you’re more likely to see entire forests of  brown.   That’s because since 1997 more than 41.7 million acres have suffered partial or total death of conifer trees.

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