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Elder Abuse

Domestic violence happens privately at home, but it tears at the fabric of entire communities. A look at the impact of domestic violence over generations.

Then: the hallowed halls of government are supposed to represent our highest ideals. But what happens when civility breaks down? Why the rules of debate are important.


Colyer Urges Public To Report Adult Abuse

Jun 26, 2014
Dave Ranney / KHI News Service

Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer on Wednesday urged Kansans to be quick in letting state officials know when they suspect an older adult is being abused or neglected.

“Elder abuse is something that should not be tolerated,” he said, addressing an early afternoon rally in a parking lot next to the Jayhawk Area Agency on Aging.

About 50 people — a mix of state employees and agency case workers — attended the 40-minute rally, one of several events being staged to highlight policy initiatives of Gov. Sam Brownback’s administration prior to the upcoming primary and general elections.

Kansans can speak out on proposed changes to the Medicaid program.  The Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services tries to identify elder abuse cases.  It’s a daily roundup of headlines from KCUR.

The Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services has launched a new campaign to stop elder abuse.  SRS is also beefing-up efforts to identify cases of abuse among disabled adults.