Central Standard
12:00 pm
Wed May 18, 2011

The Troubadours Poetry Club

The Troubadours Poetry Club Year Book Photo. (2011)

Kansas City’s own Turner High School is carrying on the tradition of the Troubadours of old.  Teachers Marlee Stempleman and Jessica Kendall have fashioned a poetry project called the Troubadours Poetry Club where students express themselves by writing and reading their own works.  This morning on Central Standard, Marlee Stempleman and two club members stop in to share their craft.

Here are a few poems written by young Turner Troubadours:

I Remember
By Anna Stark

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Central Standard
12:00 pm
Wed April 20, 2011

Whoop De Doo Does Radio

Did you ever as a child sit down in front of the TV and laugh or sing along to those variety shows aired on public access television? 

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10:52 am
Thu June 3, 2010

Statewide Initiative Looks To Improve Health Literacy

Kansas City, Mo. – About 1.6 million Missourians struggle to understand information about their health. As a result, area health leaders are launching a new initiative to improve health literacy across the state.

The nonprofit group, Health Literacy Missouri, is leading the project. Arthur Culbert is the group's president and says misunderstandings about health care are far too common.

"How many times have you seen a doctor and you walk out and it's like, 'I'm not really sure what he said,'" Culbert says.

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KC Currents
12:31 pm
Mon March 8, 2010

African-Centered Schools Fight To Maintain Autonomy

Photo by Laura Ziegler / KCUR.

Kansas City, Mo. – Chick Elementary School opened in 1991 as the district's first African Centered Education school. Three years ago, the program expanded to include a 6th grade, and a 7th through 11th grade program on what's known as the ACE Collegium Campus.

Recently, the schools have been in the news because the district wants to combine the 786 students into one building, as part of is "right-sizing" plan, which parents and the school's administrators vehemently oppose.

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