eating disorder

Central Standard
4:00 pm
Mon March 10, 2014

Examining The Reality Of Eating Disorders

Credit Brent Weichsel / Creative Commons

We eat every day and most of us enjoy it. It satiates our hunger, and provides us with nutrition and complex and pleasurable flavors and textures. But for some people eating can become the center of an obsession, an inescapable part of the date filled with anxiety. Eating disorders impact 2.7 percent of population, according the National Institute of Mental Health, but the problem extends far beyond the struggling individual.

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Up to Date
12:00 pm
Sun November 18, 2012

Parents, Teens & Eating Disorders: How To Handle A Problem

Glass of water on an empty plate
Jean Fortunet

A plump roast turkey, creamy mountains of mashed potatoes and thick wedges of pumpkin pie are what many people look forward to during the holiday season.

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