drunk driving

4:25 pm
Thu April 24, 2014

Kansas Citians Call For Off-Hours Transit Options To Reduce Drinking And Driving

What services do you think are needed to curb drunk driving in Kansas City? Join the conversation online by tweeting your answer with the #TellKCUR hashtag.
Credit Oregon Department of Transportation / Flickr -- Creative Commons

If Kansas City wants to get serious about reducing drunk driving, it needs to invest in more late-night and weekend public transportation services.

That’s according to your responses to our on-air and online question of the week.

We asked: What services should be provided to curb drinking and driving in Kansas City?

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Cops & Crime
9:33 am
Thu April 18, 2013

Supreme Court Rules Police Must Get Search Warrant For Most DUI Blood Tests

The United States Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that police must obtain a search warrant to draw blood in routine drunk driving arrests.

The case stems from a 2010 drunk driving arrest in Cape Girardeau. At question is whether a Missouri Highway Patrol Officer violated Tyler McNeely’s protection from unreasonable search and seizure when he drew McNeely’s blood with neither a warrant nor his permission.

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Cops & Crime
9:25 am
Wed September 26, 2012

Missouri Drunk Driving Case Heads To U.S. Supreme Court

orangesparrow Flickr

A Cape Girardeau drunk driving case is going all the way to the U.S.  Supreme Court.  The court will decide if police can give a blood test without a warrant.

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Up to Date
5:10 pm
Wed November 30, 2011

The History of Drunk(en) Driving


The holiday season will see an uptick in many a social calendar.  With that come more opportunities for people to imbibe and then get in their cars.  The worst results of drunk driving are well known and the legal penalties when caught inebriated behind the wheel are severe yet people persist in doing it.  Why?

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