Cyber Security

Up to Date
6:00 pm
Wed August 14, 2013

Cybersecurity: What The Snowden Case Means For You

Officials worldwide are examining cybersecurity in wake of Edward Snowden's leak of classified information about surveillance by United States officials.
Credit Wikipedia Commons

The NSA’s monitoring programs are no secret anymore. But assuming you’re not someone with nefarious plans for national security, what does that mean for  online privacy?

In the first part of Thursday's Up to Date, we talk cybersecurity with expert David Fidler about how governments are responding, the long-term fallout from the Snowden case, and how far the U.S. needs to go when it comes to ferreting out the terrorists among us.

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Central Standard
3:16 pm
Mon February 13, 2012

Computer Guys: Cyber Security

In Russia, a worm called Koobface wiggled away with millions of dollars using social networks like Facebook.

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Central Standard
12:00 pm
Mon August 15, 2011

Computer Guys: The True Cost of a Computer Virus

stuartpilbrow Flickr

Today on the show, we ask the Computer Guys to tell us everything they know about how we can protect ourselves from a computer virus, and exactly how much that should cost. Is free antivirus software more expensive than the paid version? Where can you get a reliable rating of the various anti-virus products, and what devices need protecting? Is there an anti-virus pill you can take?

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