Heartland Health Monitor
11:10 am
Fri October 24, 2014

Sidelined Player Steps Up Game In Concussion Awareness Effort

Kylee Bliss, 18, has formed a nonprofit foundation to raise awareness about and spur research into post-concussion syndrome after sustaining life-altering concussions herself.
Credit Mike Sherry / Hale Center for Journalism at KCPT

A talented athlete, Kylee Bliss might have been a scholarship basketball player at a small college.

As a sophomore point guard at Blue Valley High School in Stilwell, Kan., she practiced hard and had a real feel for the game. That changed after she sustained two concussions on the court in the span of eight weeks nearly three years ago.

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Up to Date
10:43 am
Thu January 16, 2014

Concussion Debate Sparks New Treatments

Head injuries happen in many sports, including football and soccer.
Credit joncandy / Flickr-CC

Three years ago, a Spring Hill High football player collapsed on the field after a stunning play. The cause? Brain hemorrhaging due to a concussion that went unrecognized and untreated. With sports-related brain injuries on the rise, many are calling for major safety reforms and a new approach to handle the problem. 

On Thursday's Up to Date, we discuss how the approach to these types of concussions is changing and check in with the experts who are leading the culture shift in concussion treatment.

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Central Standard
2:53 pm
Wed December 4, 2013

Concussions And Head Trauma In Contact Sports

Credit Monicas Dad / Flickr - CC

Several cases have been popping up in the news in which former NFL players are suing either the league, or their team organization, for injuries or disorders they have developed after retiring. They claim that the professional organizations that used to employ them are responsible for the health problems they are now experience.

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4:59 pm
Mon October 8, 2012

Despite Concussion, Cassel Not Ruled Out Of Play...Yet

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel on the ground after getting injured on Sunday, October 7, 2012.
Larry W. Smith EPA

Kansas City Chiefs head football coach Romeo Crennel confirmed today that quarterback Matt Cassel has a concussion as the result of play in Sunday's loss to the Baltimore Ravens.  

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