Chip Taylor

Central Standard
12:35 pm
Thu April 17, 2014

Precariousness For Pollinators: Monarch Butterflies & Honeybees In Decline

Insect ecologist Chip Taylor gets up close and personal with monarch butterflies.
Credit Catherine L. Sherman and Monarch Watch

Insect ecologist Chip Taylor is a friend to both the monarch butterfly and the honeybee. He's been tracking monarchs and restoring their habitats since 1992. And he's worked with bees in French Guiana, Venezuela and Mexico.

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12:59 pm
Sun June 23, 2013

Concern For Monarch Butterflies Inspires Dancer To Action

Silk wings outstretched, Gwynedd Vetter-Drusch flutters through the butterfly habitat at Monarch Watch.
Julie Denesha KCUR

The click of a hair curler and a spritz of hairspray punctuated conversation in the small side room of Monarch Watch, a conservation project based at the University of Kansas. Normally home to a display of tarantulas, the room on Friday was transformed into a dressing room for New York-based dancer Gwynedd Vetter-Drusch, who wore a black unitard decorated with sequins. In one corner of the room were the vividly-colored orange and black silk butterfly wings that would complete her metamorphosis.

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Central Standard
7:25 pm
Mon April 22, 2013

Pollinators: Butterflies And Bees

Don't let this photo fool you, Monarch Butterfly populations are on the decline.

Who doesn’t love Monarch Butterflies?  Could you imagine the loss we would feel if they disappeared?  Our guest on Central Standard today will talk to us about the decline of monarch butterfly populations.  It comes down to a loss of habitat.   We discuss the severity of the situation and what we can do to help turn things around?  We also discuss threats to bees and the implications of having another pollinator at risk.  Our guest works for K-U.  Orley “Chip” Taylor is a trained insect ecologist and founded Monarch Watch some 20-years ago.   It’s an opportunity to learn about monarch butterflies….