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Sylvia Maria Gross / William Leonard Elder / KCUR

Pollen levels have skyrocketed to new heights this spring in Kansas City.  That’s bad news for allergy sufferers, but good news for a UMKC scientist, who has found a way to use a byproduct of all that suffering.

Ernest Virostus looks like what you might imagine a biochemical engineer would look (stereotypically, of course): weirdly parted black hair, glasses askew, a red bow-tie. He’s always tinkering in his laboratory with glass beakers oozing fluids into other beakers

“Look at the viscosity, here,” he points to a bubbling vat of thick liquid, which looks like a pot of lime green jam. “It’s the perfect texture.”

Grant Gerlock / Harvest Public Media

The EPA wants to roll back the amount of ethanol mixed into the fuel supply for 2014, worrying farmers across the Corn Belt. Ethanol supporters warn that if the EPA follows through, the rural economy will take the fall. But many economists predict a soft landing.

Concert for the Climate

If commitment was all it took to reverse global warming and stop pollution of of land, air and water, then Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Bill McKibben would be considered environmental superheroes.

Kansas City Buses Will Say Goodbye To Diesel

Apr 26, 2013

The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority , or ATA, is phasing itself out of the diesel bus business.

From Steam To Diesel To . . . Natural Gas?

Mar 10, 2013

In the history of the locomotive, natural gas may prove to be as game-changing to the railroad industry in this century as diesel was in the last.