Affordable Care Act

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7:39 am
Fri September 20, 2013

Top U.S. Health Official Says Insurance Marketplace Will Help Many ― But Not All

U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius speaks to reporters at St. Louis City Hall, while St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley, St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay, St. Louis City Health Director Pam Walker, and St. Louis County Health Director Delores Gunn look on (left to right).

Originally published on Fri March 14, 2014 10:35 am

U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was in St. Louis on Thursday to talk about the Affordable Care Act.

Sebelius met with city and county officials and representatives of the local healthcare community in a closed-door session at St. Louis City Hall.

Speaking at a press conference after the meeting, Sebelius said as of October 1, Missourians will be able to purchase health insurance through a new online marketplace.

Sebelius said many of Missouri's 800,000 uninsured will be able to get coverage.

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Business & Tech
4:48 pm
Fri September 6, 2013

Blunt To Business: Invest In Science, Medicine

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt before Greater Kansas City Area Chamber of Commerce.
Credit Dan Verbeck / KCUR

Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt says advances in medical and food science are going to be among the great challenges of the next two decades.

The state’s junior Senator  drew parallels as he spoke to the greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in an address billed as “economic.”

The Republican Senator said medical advances go hand in hand with the agricultural economy, as the world’s food needs will double by 2050.

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10:00 am
Fri August 30, 2013

Study: Predictions Of Health Care 'Rate Shock' Are Unfounded

A new study from a non-profit research group says predictions of huge premium increases when the Affordable Care Act goes into effect in January are unfounded. 

Kansas is one of 10 states the Rand Corporation studied in detail. The study predicts that by 2016, only 6.6 percent of Kansans too young for Medicare will be uninsured. Without the new law, that figure would be more than 14 percent. 

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7:29 am
Thu August 22, 2013

Rural Residents Stand To Benefit More From Affordable Care Act

A new report by the Center for Rural Affairs finds that rural residents stand to benefit from the Affordable Care Act more than their city-dwelling counterparts.

The report’s author, Jon Bailey, says the premium tax credits to help pay for individual health insurance plans, and the caps on out-of-pocket costs will be especially important to people who live in rural areas.

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9:28 am
Thu August 15, 2013

Mo. State Rep. Going To Court To Opt Out Of ‘Abortion-Inducing Drugs’ Coverage

Originally published on Wed August 14, 2013 11:14 pm

 A lawsuit filed on behalf of a Missouri state representative is aimed at changing a mandate from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that he says violates his religious rights.

Paul Wieland, a Republican House member from Imperial, says he and his wife are no longer able to opt out of coverage for “abortion-inducing drugs” under a group health care plan provided for legislators.

He says that option has been removed because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

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6:14 am
Fri August 9, 2013

Kansas Gears Up For Health Insurance Exchange

Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger
KHI News Service

In a little less than two months, Kansans will be able to begin shopping for individual health insurance plans through the new, online marketplace called the exchange. Most of the plans will be sold by three companies.

According to Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger, they'll be the same three companies that provide the bulk of health insurance in Kansas now: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, Blue Cross of Kansas City, and Coventry.

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8:41 am
Fri August 2, 2013

Kansas To Offer Sessions On Affordable Care Act

The Kansas Insurance Department is planning meetings to help educate people about the Affordable Care Act.

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7:18 am
Fri July 26, 2013

Even Without Expansion, Obamacare Still Means Changes For Medicaid

Kansas policymakers have decided not to expand the state's Medicaid program or to create a Kansas-specific exchange for consumers to buy individual health insurance policies. But the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will bring some changes to the Medicaid program, whether the state's political leaders want to cooperate, or not.

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90-Mile View
6:00 pm
Tue July 9, 2013

90-Mile View: Dr. Gary Yarbrough

A rural doctor throughout his career, Gary Yarbrough of Parsons, Kansas represents a medical minority, that of solo practitioner.

Steve Kraske talks with Dr. Yarbrough  about the impact he, and other solo doctors, face from the passage of the Affordable Care Act.  Hear the drastic change he made in light of the demands the Act places upon medical professionals.

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8:21 am
Wed June 12, 2013

Medicare Summary Notices Redesigned To Fight Fraud

The Medicare Summary Notice senior citizens receive every month has been redesigned. The changes are meant to make it easier to spot fraudulent claims.

As part of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, the federal government has devoted new resources to rooting out fraud, waste, and abuse in the Medicare program. The notice beneficiaries receive each month to explain their claims is being upgraded to make it easier to spot claims for services they never received.

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Central Standard
9:47 am
Thu April 25, 2013

How Obamacare Might Change Your Private Health Insurance

After the passing of the Affordable Care Act, confusion about the future of health insurance in our country has become the norm. But as the legislation comes into play in the next year, everyone from private health insurance companies to employers providing health care to their employees need to be well versed on the upcoming changes.

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6:57 pm
Wed April 17, 2013

A Review Of Medicaid In Missouri, Part 1: Eligibility Now And Under A Possible Expansion

Credit Elana Gordon / KCUR

Medicaid, the public health insurance program for low income and disabled residents, is no small chunk of change in Missouri. It comprises a huge portion of the state’s budget (more on that in Part 2). It also covers a lot of people: about one in ten residents.

So, to expand or not to expand Medicaid?

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4:40 pm
Tue April 9, 2013

Medicaid Expansion Uncertain In Missouri

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon stopped at the Independence, Mo. Chamber of Commerce in February, to rally support for a Medicaid expansion.
Credit Elana Gordon / KCUR

Last year’s Supreme Court ruling left a key part of the federal health law up to states to decide: whether to expand Medicaid. About half of states have said they’ll go along with an expansion. The rest are undecided or opposed. Leaders in Missouri are still divided on what to do. Missouri’s Governor supports an expansion but he faced one of his toughest crowds yet, when meeting with Senate leadership this week.

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1:23 am
Thu March 28, 2013

Health Tax Renewal Goes Before Voters Tuesday

Northland Health Care Access is one of several health clinics that receives funding through the temporary health levy. The levy, up for a renewal vote on Tuesday, also funds ambulance services and care for the uninsured at Truman Medical Centers.
Credit Elana Gordon / KCUR

Kansas City has long supported health services for people without insurance or a means to pay. This is primarily done through a health levy, or property tax, that brings in about $50 million annually. A portion of that tax will soon expire. Renewing it is now up for a popular vote this Tuesday. It’s Question 1 on the ballot. Despite all the contention around health policies and spending right now, there doesn’t appear to be much opposition to the local measure.

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3:00 am
Fri March 1, 2013

Enrollment Ends For High Risk Insurance Program In Missouri

Saturday marks the last chance for Missouri residents to enroll in the federal high risk insurance pool.

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6:24 pm
Thu February 14, 2013

Missouri’s Health Exchange: A Story Of Unrequited Love

For more than a year, Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and others at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services have been courting states to take part in setting up and running a health insurance exchange. But Missouri, home of an enthusiastic governor and opposing legislature, keeps sending mixed messages. Now, with Friday’s deadline looming for states to commit to joining the feds in setting up an exchange, it appears as though HHS will be flying solo in the Show-Me state.

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11:38 am
Mon January 14, 2013

Area Businesses Challenge Federal Birth Control Mandate

brains the head Flickr-CC

A federal court is scheduled today, to take up one Missouri business’ challenge to a recently enacted provision of the federal health law. The provision requires that most employee-health plans include no-cost coverage of contraceptives, but the rule has faced backlash from several businesses and lawmakers around the region.

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5:24 pm
Fri December 21, 2012

Looking For A Doc? Local Group Compiles Physician Data

Kansas City will soon know more about the quality of primary care in the region.

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1:48 pm
Tue December 4, 2012

New Report Projects Costs, Enrollment Under Kansas Medicaid Expansion

An optional Medicaid expansion in Kansas would result in about 75,000 previously uninsured residents gaining health coverage and cost the state about half a billion dollars in the first seven years.

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1:04 pm
Thu November 29, 2012

Missouri Governor Backs Medicaid Expansion

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon wants the state to expand its Medicaid program, marking the strongest stance the Democratic governor has taken as of yet on the state’s pending decision.

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9:32 am
Thu November 29, 2012

McCaskill Frustrated Over Farm Bill, Health Exchanges

Claire McCaskill
Dan Verbeck KCUR

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill says she’s frustrated with the House of Representatives for not taking up three pieces of legislation that she calls “bipartisan” and “vitally important.”

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1:38 am
Thu November 29, 2012

Coalition Emphasizes Economic Benefits Of Opting Into Medicaid Expansion

a.drian flickr

Expanding Medicaid to more adults in Missouri would have a positive impact on the state’s economy and residents, according to a new report.

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11:21 am
Mon November 19, 2012

Feds To Take Lead On Health Exchanges In Kansas, Missouri

Immediately after the presidential election, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced the state would not be setting up its own health insurance exchange.

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12:58 pm
Thu November 1, 2012

Health Exchange At Heart Of Missouri’s Proposition E

Lidor Flickr

Proposition E specifically asks voters:

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12:32 pm
Fri September 28, 2012

Area Hospitals Soon To Be Penalized For High Readmissions Rates

KU Hospital started piloting regular "huddles" within departments last year, to try and better coordinate patient care and the discharge process. The hospital is one of several in the area that will soon face fines for high readmissions rates.
Elana Gordon KCUR

Starting October 1, hospitals that fail to meet certain quality measures will get less funding from Medicare.

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5:19 pm
Mon September 24, 2012

New Rule Requires Simple Explanation Of Health Coverage

Insurers are now required to provide consumers a summary, in plain English, of the coverage and costs in their health plans.

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2:40 pm
Tue July 10, 2012

Ballot Language For Health Measure Faces Legal Backlash

Wording of a health care measure that’s to appear on the Missouri ballot this fall is facing backlash from Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder and fellow Republicans.

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Up to Date
10:03 am
Mon July 2, 2012

Political Pundits: Taxes, and Health Care, and Elections, O My!

A pro-ACA protest

The thermometer keeps inching upwards, though its hard to tell if its measuring heat or the rhetoric coming out of Washington. The recent Supreme Court decisions have done little to quell the debates on either side, and with a looming election in five months, no one seems interested in backing down.

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11:36 am
Sun July 1, 2012

Uncertainty Surrounds Health Law Implementation In Kansas And Missouri

Thursday’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding the federal health law has provided more clarity to the region and country. 

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9:33 am
Fri June 29, 2012

Kansas Leaders React Predictably To ACA Ruling

Kan. Sen. Pat Roberts was "deeply disappointed" with the Supreme Court's ruling.
wikimedia commons

The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act—the massive health care overhaul signed into law by President Obama two years ago.

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