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Monday: Have Conversations Around the Death Penalty Changed? / Audio Postcard: Kites

  • Rebecca Woodman | director, Death Penalty Litigation Clinic
  • Sean O’Brien | associate professor, UMKC School of Law

Tuesday: Transgender Kansas City / Black Journalism

  • Caroline Gibbs | transgender counselor, Transgender Institute
  • Luke Harness | transgender activist
  • Sandra Meade | host, KKFI's Trans Talk, state chair, Equality Kansas
  • LaShonda Katrice Barnett | author, Jam on the Vine

Wednesday: Kansas City's Mob History Leaps onto App / Radical Politics At KU

  • Gary Jenkins | retired KCMO police officer, creator, Kansas City Mob Tour
  • Laird Wilcox | author, founder, Wilcox collection
  • Becky Shulte | KU archivist, curator, Wilcox collection

Thursday: Fish Artist / Tell KCUR: KC's 'Bucket List' / Arcades Come Back To KC 

  • Briana O'Higgins, director of digital content, KCUR
  • Joseph Tomelleri, fish artist, scientist
  • Cody Newill, KCUR

Friday: Screen Time: Woman in Gold

  • Antonia Bostrom, chief curator, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
  • Russ Simmons, movie critic
  • Karen Pack, past president, Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City


Monday: Surface Parking (Encore) / Drill Teams (Encore)
Tuesday: Missouri State Representative Brandon Ellington / Tequila
Wednesday: The Best Books On The Prairie
Thursday: From Montana To Kansas City: On The Missouri River In A Canoe
Friday: Food Critics: The Best Signature Desserts In Kansas City

How To Survive As An Artist In KC

Jan 30, 2012

Megan Turek has a gift. She’s a professional costume designer for theater, whose work is going to be featured in an upcoming Unicorn Theater show called Next Fall.

Computer Guys: Who Controls the Net?

Jan 25, 2012

Last Wednesday, you might have headed to Wikipedia to look up Marlon Brando, the currency in Guam, or (random Wikipedia page). We’re not gonna ask. But, that Wednesday, visitors found a blackout protest, asking them to to imagine a world without free knowledge.

Hospital Ships Live in Studio

Jan 25, 2012

In a recent Tiny Desk Concert – the band Hospital Ships performed crushingly beautiful songs with their eyes closed. With their nice collared shirts, 2-day-old beards, and folky feel, they look like the kinds you see sipping coffee at the Merc in Lawrence… because they are.

George Takei on Sci-Fi, Equal Rights & Social Media

Jan 25, 2012

We have good news and bad news. First the good: George Takei, your favorite Star-Trek-Helmsmen-Turned-Gay-Rights-Activist, is coming to town to narrate a Sci-Fi Spectacular with the KC Symphony, complete with a laser light show. Now the bad: If you don't already have tickets or a really amazing friend, the show looks very sold out.

Robert Litan: Art Was the Soul of My Father

Jan 24, 2012

In the second half of Tuesday's Central Standard, we're joined by Kauffman Foundation Executive Robert Litan, who remembers his father David Israel Litan, who had a lifelong passion for making lithographs, painting, and sketching.

The Right To Remain Informed

Jan 24, 2012

When a police officer asks “Do you know why I pulled you over?” what should you say? At what point, in dealing with the police, can everything you say or do be used against you?

Financial Advice: Post-Holiday Financial Blues

Jan 23, 2012

After all the presents are exchanged in December, there’s always one more in the mail waiting for you in January -- your credit card bill. On Monday’s Central Standard, hear some strategies that work for managing your holiday debt.

The Grisly Hand

Jan 19, 2012

When the KC band The Grisly Hand came out with their album Safehouse, they decided to offer it free for download online. Since then they have toured with these songs across the region, and this week, that album has reached #4 most downloaded off the website NoiseTrade.

New Approaches to Teaching Postsecondary Writing

Jan 18, 2012

First up on Thursday's Central Standard, a look at new approaches to helping students write at a postsecondary level. We discuss a new framework that fosters what’s called “habits of mind” and is gaining wider use, even in light of the current teach-to-the-test mentality in school systems across the nation. We're joined by Professor Linda Adler-Kassner, President of the Council of Writing Program Administrators and Director of Writing Program at UC-Santa Barbara.

All That KC Jazz

Jan 18, 2012
Andrea Silenzi

Kansas City jazz has a unique signature. On Wednesday's Central Standard, we talked about the state of our jazz community with pianist and composer Mark Lowrey and trumpet player Hermon Mehari.

Advances In Telemedicine

Jan 16, 2012

You’ve heard of telecommuting, telekinesis and televangelism – but what about telemedicine? On Tuesday's Central Standard, a look at developments in a technology that helps doctors treat patients remotely – improving patient care everywhere from urban schools to rural areas.

Are We There Yet? Working Towards a Dream

Jan 16, 2012

What would the great Dr. King think of our country today? Are we living his dream?

Not quite, according to some.

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we'll talk with folks working everyday for their idea of social and economic equality.

Vegetarianism In KC / Pity The Billionaire

Jan 12, 2012

How difficult is it to be a vegetarian in Kansas City? Then later... Even Mr. T pities a fool, but why pity a billionaire?

Remembering Those Lost In 2011

Jan 10, 2012

On Wednesday's Central Standard, we pay tribute to lives lost last year, including the late jazz singer Myra Taylor and late Fox 4 meteorologist Don Harman.


Starting a business in tough financial times can be a smart move . . . if it's worth the risk.

So, what makes a venture worth the gamble? How do you tell a good risk from a poor one?

Harvard Business School professor and Kansas native Robert Kaplan joined Tuesday's Central Standard for a discussion on leadership and risk.

Misbehaving In The Workplace

Jan 9, 2012

Cliques, harassment, inappropriate jokes... It's no wonder getting up to go to work can be work.

On Monday's Central Standard: a discussion about conflict and misbehavior on the job with Dr. Bruce Liese.

The Toll of KC Crime and Homicide

Jan 4, 2012
flickr/Null Value

Every couple of days, another person is murdered in Kansas City.

On Thursday's Central Standard, we ask, how do we make the killings stop? Is it even possible to turn things around in 2012?

Conference with the Urban Summit

Jan 3, 2012
flickr/Pam's Pics-

On Wednesday’s Central Standard, we’re previewing the next Urban Summit, a meeting of minds that addresses the needs and concerns of the urban core.

Forecasting Social Media for 2012

Jan 2, 2012

Tweeting, Facebooking, Tumbling... What's next? Where is social media headed in 2012?

On Tuesday's Central Standard, we'll discuss social media in unique angles, for business, news and entertainment.

The Secret Lives of FBI Agents & Private Investigators

Dec 28, 2011

Thursday on Central Standard, we're searching for clues about the real lives of FBI agents and Private Investigators. We'll ask how much of their time is spent in a trench coat chasing dames vs. doing ordinary desk work.

A Memoir of Farm and Family

Dec 27, 2011

Growing up on a farm made Jo McDougall a poet. She remembers walking around barefoot, and taking in the sights and the sounds of her families rice farm in - no, not Asia - but in rural Arkansas. She points out that many people may not realize that rice is grown in the US, and Arkansas is the largest rice-producing state in the country.

Share Your New Year's Resolutions

Dec 27, 2011
flickr/carlos bolivar

Are you planning to set a New Year's resolution? For real this time? Let us help you in this episode of Central Standard.

Holiday Party Tips with Emily Farris

Dec 22, 2011
Ron Bird

Bargain, beautify and brighten your holiday celebration with these seven easy rules from the food and party queen Emily Farris.

A Light Goes On

Dec 22, 2011

What do your childhood memories of holiday’s past look like? Sound like? Today on Central Standard, a look at an ambitious homemade gift – from Lawrence musician Sam Billen.

The Gift of Tax Advice

Dec 21, 2011

in this episode of Central Standard, a gift that every household needs for 2012  – good tax advice. We'll be join today be Elaine Smith, Enrolled Agent and Master Tax Advisor for H&R Bloch, with tips for wrapping up 2011 right – with advice for your charitable contributions, IRAs, and that receipt and bank statement filing system you’ve been meaning to start.

The Rebuild Joplin Studio Project

Dec 20, 2011

On this Tuesday's Central Standard, a look at UMKC's Rebuild Joplin Studio Project. For those working on it, they quickly learned that this is more than just another class, but an opportunity to rebuild a resilient Joplin.

Tips and Tricks for Planning Your Holiday Party

Dec 20, 2011

Throwing a holiday party this year?

...completely freaking out yet?

Our Central Standard food guru Beth Bader has some incredibly simple tips that'll help you put together a festive, stress-free celebration.

Holiday Recipes

Dec 19, 2011
Beth Bader

Food gurus Beth Bader and Emily Ferris have some great ideas for your holiday parties, and for brunch on Christmas Morning.

The Psychology of Giving

Dec 19, 2011

Today on Central Standard, we ask - what's the greatest gift you've ever received? What do you like about giving gifts in the first place? Dr. Bruce Liese joins us for a look at the psychology behind giving.

Turner Students Release Poetry Collection

Dec 15, 2011

Turner High School teachers Marlee Stempleman and Jessica Kendall have fashioned a poetry project called the Troubadours Poetry Club where students express themselves by writing and sharing their work.