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Monday: Money Therapy: Controlling Your Spending In 2015

  • Sandi Weaver, financial planner, Financial Security Advisors 
  • David Jackson, financial planner, Wadell & Reed
  • Alex Petrovic, Petrovic Financial Services

Tuesday: Photographing Ozark Life / Experiencing War Through The Arts

Wednesday: Kansas City Catholics At A Crossroads

  • Dennis Coday, editor, National Catholic Reporter
  • Tom Hoopes, writer in residence, Benedictine College, contributor, catholicvote.org, and aletaia.org
  • Sister Vickie Perkins, charity sister from Leavenworth, KS

Thursday: Surface Parking / Ridesharing in KC / Leaving Kansas City

  • Thomas Morefield, Downtown Neighborhood Association, downtown resident, professional urban planner B.N.I.M., blogger, urbanangle.net
  • Rick Usher, assistant city manager, KC City Hall
  • Shane Glazer, owner, The Cashew

Friday: TBD


Monday: Revisiting a Conversation With Nelson "Fuzzy" Thompson: Kansas City's Civil Rights Movement / Voices From Thompson's Memorial Service

Tuesday: Editorial Cartooning: Free Speech And Safety For News Outlets Today

Wednesday: Sugar Addiction / Local Beer and Breweries

Thursday: Children Caught in the Crossfire of Drive-By Shootings / Tell KCUR - Leaving Kansas City

Friday: Food Show: Burgers

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2:51 pm
Mon January 24, 2011

Choosing a Long Term Care Facility

Kansas City, MO –

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Central Standard
11:00 am
Wed December 8, 2010

Poverty on the Rise in Johnson County

The Johnson County Christmas Bureau, has opened its doors to their annual Holiday Shop at the Great Mall of the Great Plains in Olathe, KS. This is their 50th year creating a shopping experience for low income families around the holidays.

Director Barb McNeil says that “Poverty” and “Johnson County” aren’t words often heard in the same sentence, they should be. Though the population in Johnson County grew by 2% last year, the number of families below the poverty line grew by 64%.

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1:19 pm
Thu November 18, 2010

The Wizards Sport a New Name

Sporting has a new logo that will appear on the team's T-shirts and bumper stickers.

Kansas City, MO – The wizards soccer team has waved a marketer's special re-branding wand and done away with their name. Instead of the wizards, they will now be called Sporting Kansas City.

Sporting Club COO Greg Cotton explains that the nickname for Sporting Kansas City will be "Sporting."

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12:00 am
Sat October 4, 2008

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