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Youth Curfew Plan Fading

Aug 18, 2011

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – After three young people were wounded by gunfire last Saturday night, Mayor Sly James said a plan would be finalized this week - possibly a 9 PM citywide youth curfew.

But Deputy Police Chief Cy Ritter told the public safety committee Wednesday that so far the action plan is an increased and very visible police presence.

Ritter added, "This plan worked very well last time and we think that this plan is going to work again. We're very confident."

Ritter says the police will enforce an earlier curfew if the council enacts one, but he says it would require even more personnel and might slow response times in other areas.

Some community leaders also questioned how to enforce a 9PM citywide curfew when many high school football games and early movies don't end until after nine.