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WyCo Elections, Plaza Fire, KCPS Opens School

Feb 27, 2013

Wyandotte Mayor Candidates Debate Blight, Bureaucracy And Windfall Funds

On Tuesday, voters in Wyandotte County will narrow the field of candidates for the Mayor/CEO of Unified Government.  The number running will be reduced from five to two, going into the April general election.  Hear reports on the candidates’ backgrounds and issue-positions.

Follow-Up On JJ’s Restaurant Explosion

JJ's restaurant co-owner Jimmy Frantze on the day after the gas explosion.
Credit Elana Gordon / KCUR

Hear the latest on investigations into the emergency response to the gas leak that led to an explosion on the Plaza last week.  Plus, a JJ’s co-owner tells why he thinks his employees were heroes. And, employees, regulars and food critic Charles Ferruzza talk about the community that was lost in the blast.

Parents, Child Abuse And The Child Welfare System [Part 2]

Child advocates and state lawmakers are demanding answers after several recent high profile cases of extreme child abuse in Kansas City.  The most recent case, involving a Northland teen who was handcuffed to a pole the family’s basement, brings up questions about Missouri's child welfare system. A case earlier last year involved a 10-year-old locked in a closet.  Hear part two of our interview about the issue with social worker Joe Beck.

KCPS Agrees To Open Hale Cook School

After recently closing about 30 buildings, Kansas City Public Schools officials are making plans to open one back up in Waldo. After two years of petitioning by young parents in Waldo and Brookside, KCPS will soon start accepting applications to Hale Cook Elementary School for this fall. The school will start with just 3 classes: 2 kindergarten classes and one first grade, about 60 to 75 students. Friends of Hale Cook Leaders Ashley Hand and Sarah Darmitzel talk about how they hope the school will attract families back to the district.

St. Mary's Final Basketball Season Comes To An End

The Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese announced last month that St. Mary’s School in Independence will close, due to declining enrollment.  On the day of the school’s final basketball game, the captain of the cheerleaders, senior Emily Echlin, shares her thoughts. 

Closing Of St. Mary's School Reflects Declining Enrollment In Catholic Schools

The entire St. Mary's community is reeling from what they feel was an abrupt decision to close their 160-year-old school.  Many families in Independence, Sugar Creek and Blue Springs are alums and have children and grandchildren there.