WWI Museum Prepares For Centennial Commemoration

Dec 10, 2013

Off to the world's war aboard troopship, Boston Harbor, 1918-1919.
Credit Boston Public Library / Flickr -- Creative Commons

It was known as the Great War—or even The War to End All Wars, even though, of course, it didn’t. It did, however cost 9 million lives, devastated Europe and drew in all the world’s great powers of the day.

Next summer marks the 100th Anniversary of World War I. But how do you remember something that no one alive has first-person experience with?

The answer includes the hiring this month of new staff to head up the effort and start making plans and putting them into action.

On Nov. 19 the National World War I Museum announced the appointment of Linda Trout as their Director of Strategic Engagement. She was formally the Executive Director of International Relations Council (IRC) in Kansas City, Mo., and she had her first days on the job last week.

The museum is currently planning five years of programming to remember the anniversary that will be commemorated around the world. 


  • Linda Trout, Director of Strategic Engagement at the National World War I Museum
  • Matthew Naylor, President & CEO at the National World War I Museum
  • Doran Cart, Senior Curator at the National World War I Museum