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Woman, Man Added To List Charged In Deadly Home Invasion

Nov 22, 2012

An Independence, Missouri woman and a Kansas City, Kansas man have become the third and fourth people charged in a triple murder during an Independence home invasion.

The latest charges were filed on Thanksgiving day.
Court documents allege assailants thought they were looking to steal drugs when the small house and detached garage were taken over November 16th.
Some occupants were duct taped and one was shot in the back of the head when no drugs were found.
Yesterday, the Jackson County Prosecutor charged 37 year old Bobby Jo Phillips and 22 year old Raul Soto with a total of 18 felony counts between them including 3 each of first degreee murder.
Court records say a 12 year old boy was shot twice and able to write down descriptions of the killers.
Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker called the police investigation that went through the night into Thanskgiving day as, "stellar."
 Earlier, Antonio Cervantes III and Kevin M. Finley were also charged with murder.
Documents filed to support charges described Cervantes as the alleged leader of the assault and said he had, in the past, scored $30 thousand in a methamphetamine ripoff from someone he thought would be at the house.
Antonio Hernandez, Tomas Domingues and Maria Hernandez were killed.
A police affidavit said Cervantes was advised of his rights, then allegedly told police the attack was planned by others and he left before the killings happened.
All four charged are being held in the Jackson County jail.