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Without More Money, Kansas Courts Will Close Temporarily

Nov 12, 2009

Topeka, KS – The state court system is facing a $15 million shortfall in Kansas, and courts are scheduled to be closed for several weeks to save cash. The courts will be closed for a total of six weeks between February and June of next year, if lawmakers don't take action to fund the shortfall.

Ron Keefover is information officer for the Kansas Judiciary. He says the courts won't be scheduling cases for those weeks, but judges will likely still be available for some duties like signing search warrants.

Keefover: "The judges will likely do those things but then the paper work related to them will just be put on hold until the courts open again the following week."

Keefover says the courts have already taken action to cut costs, like instituting a hiring freeze. He\\'s hoping lawmakers will appropriate dollars to stop the closing when they return to the Capitol in January.