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Winning Isn't Everything, Connecting The Unconnected In KCK

Jun 22, 2012

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Winning Isn’t Everything
Many parents see sports as a way for kids to get physically fit, and learn teamwork and discipline. And a lot of parents like to see their kids win, too. But how much pressure should parents and coaches put on young people to be the best athletes they can be?  A new study from the University of Kansas suggests that a caring sports environment is important to the psychological well-being of youth. 

Free Wifi For Rosedale?
Google has promised Kansas City speed-of-light internet, and the potential for residents, businesses, schools and hospitals, is said to be enormous. But in the year since the Google Fiber project was announced, we've heard very few concrete ideas for taking advantage of the super-fast network.  The founders of a new organization called Connecting for Good have a proposal that would provide access to the internet for people who aren't connected.  They want to start by building a low or no-cost wireless network in Rosedale, Kansas City, Kansas.  Hear from the co-founder of Connecting for Good co-founder Michael Liimatta.

For Pets Of Domestic Violence Victims, A New Shelter From Danger
One of Kansas City’s main domestic violence agencies opened a new shelter this month, but not for women.  Rose Brooks now has an onsite pet shelter, making it the first agency in the region and one of just a few dozen nationwide, to have a place for domestic violence victims’ pets. For some women, the new resource may mean the difference between seeking safety and continuing to live in danger.

New Music From Behzod Abduraimov
One of Kansas City’s musical greats has just made another leap in his quest for international acclaim. Pianist Behzod Abduraimov first earned worldwide recognition when he won the 2009 London International Competition, and now he’s just released his debut CD of pieces by Prokofiev, Liszt and Saint Saens.

Shakespeare Festival Doubles Down With Two Shows In Rep
This year's Heart of America Shakespeare Festival is going back and forth between comedy and tragedy on alternate nights.  It is returning to a two-show season performed in repertory, which it hasn't done in a decade. For the cast and crew alike, there's a delicate balance to doing a different show every other night.