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Whoop De Doo Does Radio

Apr 20, 2011

Did you ever as a child sit down in front of the TV and laugh or sing along to those variety shows aired on public access television? 

What happened to all those classics like The Carol Burnett Show andPee Wee’s Playhouse… and how come there’s nothing as playful and carefree on today’s networks?

Well lucky enough, there is one- right in our own backyard!  Whoop Dee Doo, a kid-friendly faux public access variety show is based in Kansas City, MO and travels around the country working with many art communities.  Just imagine, a stage full of children and adults from all walks of life  singing and dancing in the most imaginative costumes and colors.  This radical scene emphasizes audience (especially kid) participation and more importantly artist and community collaboration.

For Wednesday, April 20th, Central Standard has given full creative license to the creators of Whoop Dee Doo to develop their own rendition of a half hour radio show.  Make sure to listen in at 10-11am, to hear how the show’s visual creativity turns into a fun, colorful soundscape.