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Feb 26, 2012

A gentle interlude of songs featuring piano and/or guitar begins this week's Night Tides broadcast, including music from Kevin Kern, Bob Kilgore and Kathryn Kaye.

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Kevin Kern and Kathryn Kaye contribute clear, melodic original piano works to this week's program. Kern, whose music has been featured in films and TV throughout the world as well as the 2002 Summer Olympics, was trained from an early age by jazz pianist George Shearing. He later received classical training, and pulls from both these influencing styles as a dynamic new age pianist.

Kathryn Kaye similarly sites both her classical training and the music of her childhood--folk songs and hymns sung in the Appalachian Mountains of southeast Kentucky--as her style influences. Her original compositions on her two albums, Dreaming Still and Heavy as a Feather, include solo and ensemble pieces.

Bob Kilgore is a guitarist whose music is most distinguished by his use of finger style, tapping, and the harmonic capo, a device he invented which clamps onto the neck of the guitar in a way different than a normal capo, so that harmonic combinations of notes which would otherwise be impossible can be played.

Videos below via Youtube sample songs from these three artists.