Which Missouri And Kansas Wines To Pour This Holiday Season

Dec 19, 2017

When Master Sommelier Doug Frost visits the studio, he hardly ever arrives empty-handed. Today he had KCUR staffers sample, from left to right, the Cross J Norton from Stone Hill Winery, a red wine blend from Camaraderie Cellars, a Vidal blanc from Augusta Winery and a dry Vignolet from Noboleis Vineyards.
Credit Danie Alexander / KCUR 89.3

Before reaching for a bottle of red or white from California, Italy or France, you might think again about shopping a little more close-to-home. Today, Master Sommelier Doug Frost returns to give us the low-down on the award-winning local vino that deserves your attention, and which bottles are garnering attention from winemakers around the country. We discuss (and sample!) a Washington state red wine blend called Pilots Share from Camaraderie Cellars, and several other from Missouri and Kansas, including: