Where To Vote Seen As Quandary In Parts Of Suburban Kansas City

Nov 5, 2012

The biggest election day problem anticipated by the Johnson County, Kansas Election Commissioner is helping people find the right polling place.

Because polling places have been consolidated since the last presidential election.

There used to be 284 polling places in Johnson County. Now there are 221.

Some of that reduction is because of the huge numbers of advance voters in 2008.

About fifty percent of votes cast this election are expected by be the advanced kind. But there is some concern that people will be confused where to vote.

Brian Newby is the county election commissioner and says you can find the right place to vote on line, via www.jocopolo.com, “or they can text Vote KS on a cell phone to 74574. And that will come back with some questions and they can enter their address and they can get their polling place on their cell phone.”

Newby says, “That’s a really cool thing, because then you’ll have it on your cell phone for future elections also.”

The only surprise for

Newby in this election is what he expects to be a small decline in advance ballots.