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Wheeler Backs Burke

Feb 16, 2011

Kansas City, Mo. – Former Mayor Charles Wheeler says he decided to back Mike Burke for mayor after two other former mayors, Kay Barnes and Richard Berkley, got behind Burke.

"I think the other two mayors are more important than I am in breaking Burke out, but with the three of us behind him, he has much to be proud of," said Wheeler.

All three former mayors praised Burke as someone who can work with a wide variety of people, without ever tripping over his own ego.

Burke claims to have momentum, riding today's endorsements as well as those from the Kansas City Star and Call newspapers.

Another middle-of-the-pack candidate, councilwoman Deb Hermann suffered a setback today, when the Star reported allegations that Hermann used demeaning nicknames for certain community police officers 15 years ago.

Voters cull the field of now six candidates on Tuesday, February 22.