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What Will The Farmer Of The Future Look Like?

May 24, 2012

For this Thursday's Central Standard, we've teamed up with Iowa Public Radio's Talk of Iowa and Harvest Public Media to produce a talk show on the challenges facing young farmers today.

This we know: You can’t feed the growing world population without farmers. But there are serious questions today about who will actually be able to take on the job a few decades from now. Farmers are getting older, yes, but technological, cultural and political forces also are bringing immense change to those people who commit to building their lives around the land.

Kate Edwards, Wild Woods Farm in Solon, IA
Tyler Franzenburg, Board member of Practical Farmers
Luke Gran, Next Generation Coordinator for Practical Farmers
Isaac Phillips, Hog & Beef Cattle Farmer near Richland, IA. 

What will the farmer of the future look like?  Are you a "new MacDonald" trying to break into the industry? Who are our farmers of the future in the KC area?

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