What It Means To Be A Midwesterner In The Words Of Kansas Citians

Jul 17, 2014

When we asked you to describe what it's like to be a Midwesterner, responses ranged from "Finding beauty in simple things," to "Living in literal hell." Tweet your answer with the #TellKCUR hashtag.
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Midwesterners are hard-working, friendly and polite.

Those were the recurring adjectives that came up when we asked Kansas Citians for their take on the heartland.

When we took to social media and asked, “What does it mean to be a Midwesterner in five words or less?”  you also shot back these common themes:

• Underappreciated

• Family-oriented and pragmatic

• We feel we know what’s really important (priorities)

• Compassionate

• Considerate

• Grounded

• Unpretentious

• Integrity

But we also heard from a lot of detractors who characterized Midwesterners as:

• Intolerant

• Narrow-minded

• Clueless

• Isolated

• Poorly located

• Jell-O lovers

(Actually, we weren’t sure if that Jell-O comment belonged in the first or second group of descriptions.)

The question was tied to talk show Central Standard’s Thursday discussion on the Midwest, including an interview with Bill Tammeus, author of Woodstock: A Story of Middle Americans.

The show followed a Wednesday discussion on a Midwest icon, the barn.

PHOTOS: Barns Of Missouri And Kansas Through Your Lens

See highlights from the KCUR Twitter conversation on being Midwesterners below. For the full Twitter stream, follow the #TellKCUR hashtag or see other responses on our Facebook post.  

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