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What Happens To All Of Kansas City's Garbage?

Jul 15, 2013

Credit Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources / Flickr -- Creative Commons

How is it that all 2 million people in and around Kansas City don’t wake up surrounded by garbage every morning?

Think about it, every day 2 million people eat three meals a day; disposing packages, tissues, paper cups and much more throughout the day.

Where does it all go and how does it get managed?

On this Central Standard we do a bit of trash talking with Craig Wood, Solid Waste Management Coordinator of Johnson County; Marleen Leonce, Senior Environmental Officer with the City of Kansas City Missouri; Donald Finley, part of the operations crew of the KCPW department, and Kevin Anderson, of Missouri Organic Recycling.

According to Leonce, the Kansas City metro throws away 90,000 tons of trash every year and nearly 75 percent of that could be recycled. To be more informed about recycling and garbage disposal in the metro, read about the services that our guests mention through the links below.


Johnson County Household Hazardous Materials Program
ohnson County Recycling Program
issouri Organic