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Wes Crenshaw: Parents, Teens And Maturity

Jul 21, 2014

Dr. Wes Crenshaw says that part of the reason why younger people are waiting to get married is that boys are more immature than they used to be.
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When an old-timer mutters, “Oh, kids today… they’re not like we were,” he might be right. Statistics show that young people are waiting longer to tie the knot, and the change may be down to the maturity of the guys.

On Monday's Up to Date psychologist Wes Crenshaw joins us to examine this shift. We explore changes in dating practices and why teens might be slower to mature these days, especially if they’re boys.

We also talk with some current high school students and get their ideas about how young men can develop healthier relationships.


  • Dr. Wes Crenshaw, psychologist