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Welcome To Black History Month

Feb 1, 2012

On Wednesday's Central Standard, a look at how black history is being preserved in our region. We welcome Dr. Doretha Williams, the new Executive Director of the Black Archives of Mid-America.

She was a recent guest on KC Currents, where she confessed how our rich archives can be highly distracting in her work. We’ll hear her goals, and share our feeling about Black History Month.


Then, later in the hour --

If you were black in KC 150 years ago, where could you be buried? Even 100 years ago, what funeral home could offer you embalming services, and how could you afford it? In the second half of today's Central Standard, a look at the history of African American funeral homes with Lee Ward, owner of the Museum of Funeral History in Independence.

Join the Black Archives of Mid-America in a screening a documentary about the political group Freedom Inc. by local filmmaker Emil Cleaver on Saturday, February 25th at 12pm.

Lee Ward will be speaking at the Central branch of the Kansas City Public Library Tuesday, Feb 7th at 6pm. More info here.