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Wee Small Hours: Reimagining Sinatra

Aug 23, 2010

Kansas City musicians Nathan Granner and Jeffrey Rukaman have a new take on the iconic 1955 Frank Sinatra album.

Kansas City, MO – Kansas City has seen its fair share of "tribute" bands in the past few years. Midtown bars have hosted sometimes nearly note-for-note renditions of music by Radiohead, U2 and Huey Lewis and the News, to name a few.

But a new project by opera singer Nathan Granner and composer Jeffery Rukaman challenges the very concept of the tribute band. Rather than recreate, they re-imagine the music of an unlikely Generation X music icon: Frank Sinatra. KCUR's Alex Smith has the story.

Granner and Rukaman will perform Wee Small Hours on August 27 and 29, 2010 at Jardine's.This story was produced for KC Currents. To listen on your own schedule, subscribe to the KC Currents Podcast.