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WEB EXTRA: "Deep Time + Rapid Time" Audio Tour

For a recent project called "Deep Time + Rapid Time," the collective known as spurse turned Grand Arts into a laboratory environment with maps, diagrams, books, and technology. The members of the interdisciplinary collective explored how we understand time and interact with our surroundings.


Kansas City, MO – The focus of "Deep Time + Rapid Time" is "a philosophical question about how we sense time, which spurse argues, holds deep practical and political implications for our contemporary situation and for our rapidly changing future." Here, spurse collective member Iain Kerr provides this walkthrough of the site.

"Deep Time + Rapid Time," at Grand Arts, 1819 Grand Boulevard, Kansas City, MO, through April 4, 2009.

part 1: introduction
part 2 (starts about 1:20): walking into the laboratory/training site
part 3 (starts about 3:43): the role of books
part 4 (starts about 4:49): clothing/sewing
part 5 (starts about 6:04): behind the secret doors and the end of the tour

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