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Walt Bodine Special: The Documentary

Apr 25, 2012

Join us Thursday morning at 10, as Charles Ferruzza presents an audio documentary about Walt Bodine, originally titled, "To Kansas City, With Love."

The documentary was produced by Gina Kaufmann and Suzanne Hogan and first broadcast April 14th,  2009. The production tells the story of Walt's transitions from radio to television and back again, his relationship to the people of Kansas City and the impact he has had on the industry, with special appearances by Walt's colleagues and members of the Bodine family.


Voices Heard on the Walt Bodine Documentary

Gina Kaufmann

Interviews in order of occurrence:
Walt Bodine
Tom Bodine
Monroe Dodd
Marty Bodine
Max Skidmore
Michael Byars
Dan Verbeck
Loey Lockerby
Aaron Barnhart
Patty Cahill
Sylvia Maria Gross
Mark Luce
Suzanne Hogan
Steve Bell
Emanuel Cleaver, II
Kim Noble
Linda Sher

Archival clips are courtesy of the Marr Sound Archive.

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